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Hey Ubisoft, ZombiU's Sexist Ad Really Grinds My Gears

GR - "Ubisoft is one of my personal favorite game publishers, and that shouldn't come as a surprise given their strong output of good games—with recent titles like Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 taking up most, if not all of my gaming time in recent weeks." (Wii U, ZombiU)

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-Mika-  +   997d ago
Wow, this is really sexist and degrading. I don't even know where to start. First, I don't want to be an anorexic girl with fake implants. That body is really not anything to die for.

Second, this pic is really degrading. This girl is practically naked. They should of thought of a new ad idea or at-least replaced the female with a male. That would have been more acceptable.

Edit: Ok guys, here their twitter. Plz tweet them about this ad.
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MariaHelFutura  +   997d ago | Well said
That you think a male would be more appropriate is kind of sexist in itself.
crxss  +   997d ago
i came here to find out if someone knew her name :/
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Neckbear  +   997d ago
You know, I really like to think of your posts as someone playing a terribly ironic character. Mainly because, well, there's no way it could be anything else, right?

majiebeast  +   997d ago | Intelligent
So its okay to have a naked male but its not okay to have a naked female? Guess what that makes you Mika? A sexist congrats you just became what you accused Ubisoft of doing.

We are men we have feelings we arent just pieces of meat we are human beings. /cry
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Norrison   997d ago | Trolling | show
A7XEric  +   997d ago
"First, I don't want to be an anorexic girl with fake implants. That body is really not anything to die for. "

So because she's not fat (or in fat girl speak - "curvy") she's anorexic? The only girls that would say this girl is too skinny are the ones who are overweight or are self-conscious of their own appearance.
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gpturbo81  +   997d ago
or just jealous
JC_Denton  +   997d ago
Please go back to the magic feminist kingdom from whence you came. Let the smart ones do the talking.
ShaunCameron  +   997d ago
L6RD7BLU3  +   997d ago
If it's degrading she shouldn't have applied for the job, if you don't respect yourself then why would anybody care.
ronin4life  +   997d ago
Hey, what did you think of Sony's french Vita add?(since I know you are a big sony fan, though this isn't limited to just you)

You know, the one with the women with 2 sets of breasts, each one representing a Vita touch panel and this DIRECTLY comparing/equating a women to an ACTUAL object?

Meanwhile, Ubi releases an add playing off an ages old joke no one here hasn't heard before... hmmmmm.....
Sketchy_Galore  +   997d ago
The girl in the pictures is not my type at all but she's not even close to being anorexic. She has an athletic body, she clearly works on maintaining a fit and toned body more than most women have the chance to but that's why she's a model. She's paid to keep herself especially physically fit. Complain about how trashy and dull she looks al you want but implying she's anorexic just makes you sound insecure about your own weight. There are models that do look anorexic and sickly, like they've ingested nothing but cocaine for weeks. Those are the kind I find attractive, this girl is not one of them.
nukeitall  +   997d ago

I just twittered to Ubisoft that I like their ad and they should keep it up!

I would rather have that than some freaky crying baby or some creepy looking alien:

Outside_ofthe_Box  +   997d ago
Always taking shots at Sony any chance you get lol. Typical you.
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The_Infected  +   997d ago
Your a girl and hate seeing a hot girl zombie half naked we get it =\
ZombieKiller  +   997d ago
Look on the bright side, shes had more to eat in the afterlife then she did in real life.
Seriously, this ad is stupid and actually makes me NOT want to buy the game. Wonder what other dumb decisions they went with....no thanks.
MIKA good luck trying to get a bunch of dudes to change from staring at a naked girl to staring at a naked guy. I dont care for the ad, but id much rather stare at the chick. if it had a nude guy on the cover, good luck with sales. this is stupid and should be ignored by everyone instead of causing an uproar. that will just attract more attention and more sales. leave it be and play other games and maybe they will rethink their strategy
Go play DMC3 if you want a shirtless male. beat the game once to unlock shirtless Dante
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BlackWolf  +   997d ago
Ooohh.... I'm sure you said nothing when Sony threw the four boobed girl ad for the PS Vita. Such an hypocrite.
And using a male in the same fashion is as sexist as using a girl.
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LtComAmbrose  +   997d ago
I see why you only have one bubble mika
DasTier  +   997d ago
Anorexic? Its actually more offensive that you consider her anorexic. I wouldn't want to see what you consider slim.
RFornillos4  +   997d ago

ok, first up i don't believe the girl is anorexic or looks anorexic. second doesn't "...anorexic girl with fake implants" sound, uh, sexist to you.

i agree with the idea not being that good, but to suggest replacing the female with a male, sounds like you also are being a sexist.

that's the sad part of this whole "sexist" concept, you show a female doing something sexy/provocative it's sexist, you show a man in a laundry detergent commercial who can't distinguish between whites and colors it's not sexist. don't get me wrong, i do respect women's rights and all; but sometimes the idea is just open to abuse.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   996d ago
Okay so first it was youth violence, then it was sex, now it's sexism.

What do you guys think is gonna be the next trend trying to act our vidya games?
NickleDime510  +   996d ago
This is literally the least controversal add i have ever seen ever. However if it was a dog i would have a problem. That makes me a speciesist!
pedroyamato   996d ago | Spam
Pozzle  +   996d ago
Calling this woman "anorexic" is more offensive/sexist and potentially harmful than an ad like this. Considering you're a girl Mika, you should know better than to shame another woman over her body and the choices she has made regarding her body (e.g. staying slim, getting implants, etc). Don't women get enough of that shit from the media? Is it really necessary to insult this woman's physical appearance to prove your point?

If you don't like the ad, that's fine. But don't pretend to give a damn about sexism in the gaming industry when you yourself have just spouted sexist drivel against a woman who doesn't fit into your narrow-minded little box of what a woman "should" look like.

Sorry for the outburst, but shit like this seriously pisses me off. As someone who has a family member with an eating disorder (that isn't helped by assholes making derogatory comments about her figure), I can't help but speak up when I see comments like this.
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Tetsujin  +   996d ago
You want sexist? Go look at the older ads for Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix, then you earn the right to complain. Until then, stop trolling for hits and attention; in fact, change your avatar to the troll face since that's all you've been doing lately.

Do I like the woman advertised? No, I like thick, curvy women. Do I find this ad sexist? No, it's more of a before/after effect based off jokes from the 70's, but you wouldn't know that since you probably grew up post 90's.
A7XEric  +   997d ago
I don't see what is sexist about this. It's a suggestive ad that might be inappropriate for young kids to look at, but I don't see how this in any way prejudice towards women.
torchic  +   997d ago
if anything, the ad is really corny and lame
etebitan  +   997d ago
some people nowadays are just too sensitive...
Rettom  +   996d ago
I'm not saying this is picture is good or bad, but this world has become to accustomed to things. We desensitize ourselves too often. Watch, in 20 years, there will be naked chicks on advertisements, or robot prostitutes. It'll get worse and worse, so stop saying we're too sensitive. You're too desensitized.
SilentNegotiator  +   997d ago
As a man, I can only relate slightly if I think of it this way...

If society used half-naked men to advertise things all the time, I would get tired of seeing half naked men. As for being "sexist", well, that might not be the word.
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CoLD FiRE  +   997d ago
Why "might" it be inappropriate for children to look at? They can see women in bikinies on the beach!
SilentNegotiator  +   996d ago
@cold fire

That would probably come down to a debate of intention and context. This ad is clearly using sex for attention, after all; that isn't really the goal or intent of a beach-goer.

There are nude beaches, as well, and the intent there isn't to sell things with sex.
That-Guy  +   996d ago
Yeah, if this were a buff guy in Speedos I'm fairly sure almost no man would have an issue. This isn't sexist. It's just advertising that appeals to sex, something tried and done for a long time.
Zhipp  +   997d ago
Sure, the ad is stupid, and it...objectifies women? Am I saying that right?
I'm not even sure what the word "sexist" means anymore. :(
FarCryLover182  +   997d ago
It's sexy, that's for sure. If only there was a "hot guy" on the cover, then it wouldn't be deemed 'sexist.'
BanBrother  +   996d ago
Uncharted is sexist. There is some super sexy guy that is always on the cover ;)
yesmynameissumo  +   997d ago
This is sexist? Puhleeze.
Tornadobounce  +   997d ago
This is the greatest poster I have ever seen
Rupee  +   997d ago
Hmmmm meanwhile we're all talking about this zombie u ad so it must be doing something right. :)
Megaton  +   997d ago
Everyone's always looking for an opportunity to be offended these days.

soraalam1  +   997d ago
Read it in his LBP voice, just made the ending funnier xD
ninjagoat  +   997d ago
Back in the Kitchen Zombie Bitch!
cleft5  +   997d ago
While the ad may be tasteless, what makes something sexist is the intent behind it. For instance, this ad is using sex to sell a game to anyone who wants to play it, while the ad may be geared toward men it doesn't exclude women.

If there isn't malicious intent behind the actions, meaning they are trying to subjugate women in some way, then I don't see how it is sexist. There is a difference between being misguided and being sexist. People shouldn't be quick to jump on every small thing and call it sexist because doing that lessens true sexist actions.
Sketchy_Galore  +   997d ago
It's another sign of the sick double standard in our society. If you're advertising a videogame it's perfectly okay to take photos of a dead woman's rotting corpse provacatively posed in a skimpy bikini but when I do it for my own private use I get fired from the funeral home.
doritos  +   997d ago
deafdani  +   997d ago
Awesomely done. I tip my hat to you, sir.
Fishermenofwar  +   997d ago
I'd tap the second girl for sure...All dayy errr day....
peowpeow  +   997d ago
Double tap?
Fishermenofwar  +   994d ago
I want a twinkie!!
doctorstrange  +   997d ago
Just some context - the ad is being run in lads mags like Nuts and Zoo, which are pretty much made up out of boobie pics
Hicken  +   997d ago
Meh. Not even worth complaining about.
Kennytaur  +   997d ago
See, this stir is exactly what the marketing people want! It's clearly working. And this isn't even close to as sexist as some other ads out there as it's trying to be more aimed at humor rather than simple boobieshots. Remember Ghost Recon FS?
frjoethesecond  +   996d ago
Awesome avatar.
JohnApocalypse  +   997d ago
I think its funny. But some people just have to take shit too seriously
JustInTlME  +   997d ago
I have no idea how this ad is sexist. Its suggestive, shes hot, i woud totally bone her.

And I guess if that makes me wanna look more into the game and play it on my new Wii-U then cool. The ad worked...
ado908  +   997d ago
Eh Id still bang her in zombie form
helghast102  +   997d ago
Oh boo hoo
tigertron  +   997d ago
You know your avatar with Rarity's pouting expression matched your comment. ^_^

Anyway, this is not a sexist advert...
LOL_WUT  +   997d ago
I like it. ;)
deafdani  +   997d ago
Whatever gets people to buy this game. Zombi U, in my opinion, has been pretty underrated by many critics. For me, the people that play this game fall into two camps: those who get it, and those who don't get it.

The ones that don't get it play Zombi U with the mindset of playing COD with zombies, a la left for dead. Zombi U just isn't that type of game, it's about true survival horror, and anyone that gets a grasp on that concept will appreciate Zombi U.

It's not perfect, but it's still a damn good game. I can't recommend it enough.

Regarding the ad: I think it's more a joke about sexism than it is sexist in itself. People see the first part of the ad expecting to see a naked girl on the end, only to be greeted by a zombie girl. It's ironic, but I guess the irony will be lost for a lot of uptight politically correct people and overtly-agressive feminist types.
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Dlacy13g  +   997d ago
To be honest...I think that ad is quite clever, sure it panders to a low denominator, but lets face it... Males between 18 to 35 are going to be the target market...what better way to get our attention then a hot woman and then bam! Zombie chick.... its solid marketing.
JasonXS12  +   997d ago
How is she anorexic, she's goddamn gorgeous and that body is too die for for a girl I reckon.
DomceM  +   997d ago
i think this ad is awesome. And everyone who gets offended by everything needs to just bury their hand in the sand and stop using the internet.
ExCest  +   997d ago
I don't find this ad to be sexist at all. They're not using an attack against a woman, only complimenting her. It'd be sexist if the ad said that she's a worthless wench that should go back to the kitchen because that's a woman's job. Now, that's sexist. It's discrimination.

If this were a man, it wouldn't be sexist. /society

PS if there were some double standard that applies to something like this, then that is discrimination, and thus, sexism.
Deku-Johnny  +   997d ago
It's not particularly sexist whatsoever, in fact it's the complete opposite. It's a play on sexist campaigns.
scottd  +   997d ago
LOL still no Mika
Sex sells to nerds and UbiSoft knows it. A lot of nerds will do anything to shoot their load to something somewhat representing a woman because they won't get out of their parents' basement and go outside. Oh and another interesting note, look at Mass Effect and how many male gamers play as female Shepherd and they given in to having sex with a dude. Isn't that creepy? I think a lot of gamers out there are closet homosexuals and refuse to admit it.
DomceM  +   996d ago
LOL. Loved this comment.I dont necessarily agree but it is hilarious.
VTKC  +   994d ago
really? I am a male gamer,nerd? well I am not of great intelligence so no. BUt I cant get a girlfriend so I am a loser perhaps is the more appropriate term. well anyway... I chose the main character to be a female but I did not let her have a relationship with any other character in the game as I thought that would be unrealistic in the situation in with trying to save the universe from impending doom etc. Its when people start fucking around in dire situations like this is when it all goes to shit.
And of course I like the idea of a female saving the day rather than the usual male character in so many games before.
Gamer78  +   997d ago
Where to start. I am sick of people finding crap to whine about. Everyone is so damned sensitive. Go cry and write to obama about it. Get over it.
kenoh   997d ago | Spam
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