GotGame: Preview | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

GotGame: Since Platinum Games took over Metal Gear rising: Revengeance last year, very little has been said about gameplay elements as the new developer retooled the game.

Recently, GotGame got a chance to check out some hands-on gameplay of Revengeance, and the action title seems to be progressing nicely before its February release. However, a bit more polish is still needed to put the game to the next level.

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vazurahan1991d ago

Here's the EVADE/DODGE move so people stop complaining of not having an EVADE or DODGE move.

The game is complete with Left Evade, Right Evade, Back Evade

This first scene shows how very effective it is. It gives you more time to attack, unlike blocking the attack that pushes you backwards.

Here's the evade move on the official tutorial video