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God of War: Ascension Beta Codes Now Available, Begins December 12th

MP1st - As of today, players of the Rise of The Warrior Challenge will be able to get their early Beta Access code for God of War: Ascenion. (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

Y_5150  +   896d ago
I hate this because I can't access my email for my PSN account.
Genuine-User  +   896d ago
Also comes out for plus users next week.
Y_5150  +   896d ago
mafiahajeri  +   896d ago
Make a dummy US account and new email and get the code.
Y_5150  +   896d ago
I did! My PSN account is a US account. You mean a EU account?
mafiahajeri  +   895d ago
No I just remembered they didn't mention if the rise of the warrior is exclusive to a region or at least I didn't read it, but since they opened a eu sign up pagebim guessing rise of the warrior is Us. If you linked your account and it doesnt work then just try to link a completely different account which email you can access.
Riderz1337  +   896d ago
I didn't get a code =(. It's alright though cause i'm a PS Plus member =)!!
I_killed_TheMart  +   896d ago
How do u get the code?!?!?! i went on the site and theirs no code :(
jb1276  +   896d ago
make sure you also linked it to your PSN account
I_killed_TheMart  +   896d ago
I was a trojan for the whole time, theirs no code :(
Nitrowolf2  +   896d ago
The congratulation banner might be in the way, afetr clicking rise of the warrior you'll see congratulation bleh bleh blhe, just hit the X in the corner of taht and you'll see an acess code button
Ares90  +   896d ago
I don't see anything. It just takes me back to Chapter 3. I'm Trojan too and completed all chapters.
jb1276  +   896d ago
I was having same prob Ares... but

the issue for me was I originally had used a facebook account - but you need to go back to Rise of warrior page sign back in as normal and then link it to your PSN account and it will display your beta code (assuming you did something similar)
jwk94  +   896d ago
how do you link your account?
Ares90  +   896d ago
same as jwk. how to link?
Ezz2013  +   896d ago
i will wait till next week
i'm ps+ member
Crackle2012  +   896d ago
Can someone please help me. Jb1276 or anyone? I am having the same problem over and over again-- it just keeps taking me back to chapter 3.. I am not a + member.. I have two rise of the warrior accounts, one is spartan and the other is trojan. Neither one of them are letting me get a code. I completed chapters 1-3.. is there something I didn't complete? I linked it to my PSN account from the very beginning.. do I need to do something else? Some one please help I have got to get this code :/
J-marine  +   896d ago
i got my early beta code, i was a spartan. then i enroll it on this psn beta trial link... what do i do on December 12th
Tringle  +   896d ago
I am a Spartan but I can't find the code? were is it located? I also don't have a psn account linked to my rise of the warrior account, how do I do that?
J-marine  +   895d ago
go to godofwar.com and sign in to rise of the warrior.... then click access beta code now on the top of the comic strip and you should have your beta code
Tringle  +   896d ago
The 12th is when you can start playing the beta
Chucho2k  +   893d ago
For those having problems getting Chapter 3 again when you press access code: change you BROWSER SETTINGS, from UK (or whatever other country you are) to USA. Try it again and.. done!! It will ask you to sync your PSN account to redeem your code, that's all :)

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