GDC 08: Gran Turismo 5 Wheel Unveiled

Today at the Game Developers Conference 2008, Logitech revealed the official Wheel of Gran Turismo, for Sony's PlayStation 3.

The wheel, named Logitech Driving Force GT, has been crafted for use in Polyphony Digital's upcoming Gran Turismo 5, and will be available in Europe on March 28th, and April 17th in North America.

Suggested retail price is US $149.99.

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soul3653d ago

This might flop, but it looks really interesting :o

Alcohog3653d ago

How does a peripheral flop exactly? Its only being marketed towards driving/racing fans in the first place. The hardcore racing fan, at that.

tweaker3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

This might flop? Are you serious? There are a LOT of die-hard GT fans waiting for the GT5 steering wheel. I myself will pick this up first day. I already have the G25 and Driving Force Pro (broken now).

rofldings3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

$150? Might as well pay the extra $50-70 and get the G25... with clutch, gear shift, etc. :o

Well, at least these won't overheat like those m$ wheels. :P

sonarus3653d ago

now that i have seen the one with clutch no gt wheel is as impressive. You gotta play GT as real as you can.

IntelligentAj3653d ago

Yeah I agree. I need a clutch to get the full realism, though this does look pretty cool and should be pretty responsive. I'll probably get this when the game comes out or look for an alternative with a clutch.

spandexxking3653d ago

i don't think GT has ever supported clutch so to have one would be pointless. though if it did, yeah it'd be awesome

Perkel3653d ago

@ spandexxking

Cluth is in GT5 prologue:

BTW G25 is stil the best

Marceles3653d ago

Yeah I'm still sticking with the G25, but this wheel looks like it'll be a cool alternative

spandexxking3653d ago


thanx for the heads up G25 it is then!

Kleptic3652d ago

a friend of mine had the first Logi wheel to come out with GT3 A-spec back in like 2001...and that is the only wheel I ever tried...and it was cool, but to me it wasn't worth the price at the time...

but this time around I may try one...and I would love to have a real clutch pedal and gated shifter, rather than just paddles, or just a +/- gear selector...

so that G25 is what is in that video?...I remember seeing that thing for like $250 a while ago...and the PS3 GT5 wheel doesn't have a clutch pedal (and I can't tell if it has paddles or not, looks to just have an up or down gear selector that isn't truely gated)...

oh well...wait for the game to come out I guess...

rofldings3652d ago

Kleptic, I definitely recommend the G25 (The one in the video). There are so many small details that make it perfect. Like resistance on the pedals brakes/gas/clutch have different, the gear shifter (you can choose between up+down or the full h-shape pattern), paddleshifts, 900-degree rotation, the wheel even has resistance when you're driving, and lots more.

The build quality is amazing.

This guy explains it better, but I LOVE the G25. Spend the extra $70, instead of this one.

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spandexxking3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

shame it hasn't got a proper H-shaped shifter but other than that it looks sweet. wonder what that red dial and the + and - buttons do? maybe you can change TCS and ASM on the go? tad pricey though

Kleptic3652d ago

it appears to not have paddles behind the wheel...only that mock shifter with a +/- for gear selection...I would assume the +/- buttons on the horn cap are also for gear selection, if you don't want to use the fake shifter...

either way...kind of lame in that regard...other than that it looks pretty nice, and is significantly less than the older G25...

Rama262853653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I wonder if it has rumble? Thinking about it, does GT5 even support rumble?? lol The price might scare some of the more casual gamers too....

EDIT: @ Alcohog: Casual gamers are still interested in getting a racing experience and there is no doubting that having a wheel is a better experience than a controller.

Alcohog3653d ago

Why would a "casual gamer" be interested in a racing wheel peripheral in the first place? ...And yes it has rumble.

resistance1003653d ago

Gt5:Prologue has rumble, i've been playing it with rumble since november last year.

Heres hoping the wheel has force feedback, but saying that at that price it more than likey will

Marceles3653d ago

I agree that a casual gamer would be interested in playing with the wheel, but I don't think they would invest this much money into one. $150 bucks isn't a casual price

Chuck Norris3653d ago

Will it come with paddle-shifts?

rawd3653d ago

FYI. Real steering wheels are the past.

Digital downloading your steering wheel is the future

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