No Quick-Save Is Making Me Hate Far Cry 3

"Sometimes I hit F5 hoping it’s all just a bad dream. I end up staring at my Survival Guide, hoping it can tell me how to survive a broken heart.

Melodramatic nonsense aside, Far Cry 3 is almost the perfect woman. She’s a gorgeous lass, a true natural beauty. We like all the same things, and maybe more importantly, we hate all the same things. She makes me laugh, distracts me when I’m down and pretty much satisfies all my… gaming… needs.

Except for one thing… where her genitals should be, where all of my hopes for a fulfilled relationship and a family should be, instead there is a blank patch of skin. It kinda makes all the plans we had to build a life together a little pointless." - Jake Woolf (Gaming Like A Sir Columnist)

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1961d ago
Chuk51960d ago

Still one of the best games this year

mrkeith1960d ago

very good game. Just beat it tonight and I liked how it ended. Was very good and entertaining

Tainted Gene1960d ago

y the 2 the ending not good??? no spoilers, if that makes sense.

pr0digyZA1960d ago

Quick save/quick load is F9/F10

It wont save you where you are but at the nearest outpost with what ever you have accumulated.

spicelicka1960d ago

what about consoles then?

pr0digyZA1960d ago

He wasn't talking about consoles he said
"Sometimes I hit F5 hoping it’s all just a bad dream" that implies PC.

Fil1011960d ago

Yeah where is the F5 key situated on my PS3 ??? LOL

Rupee1960d ago

There's a manual save in the start menu

Tewi-Inaba1960d ago

Waaaaah plz hold my hand more ;__;

dirthurts1960d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking.
I bet he plays his game on easy...

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The story is too old to be commented.