Nintendo Blocking 18+ Rated Wii U eShop Content At Certain Times Nintendo of Europe blocks access to 18-rated content on the Wii U eShop at certain times of day, system messages suggest.

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Gamer781964d ago

Mika, why are you even reading anything regarding Nintendo. You clearly don't like them and have a huge bias towards them, so do yourself a favor and go blog on a PS360 site. No offense but your takes are getting ridiculous.

daclynk1964d ago

just ignore Mika, all he does is just troll on all nintendo articles here on N4G.

Skate-AK1964d ago

99% sure Mika is a girl.

ChronoJoe1964d ago

You mean a huge bias against them but yeah.

Gamer781964d ago

To the author, while it may be an inconvenience, it is not that big of a deal, and will most likely be tweaked in the near future. A lot of "Core" gamers are playing at those times anyway, so why not just do your stuff then? Again, it is a pain, but should not be a deal breaker. My larger problem with any digital game purchases is the fact that you don't receive any break on the price of the game. These articles are just piling on Nintendo and it is getting kind of old.

iamnsuperman1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

What??? No it's a valid criticism of Nintendo choices. I know Students would be pissed as that was my waking hours.

Jokes aside the fact is this happens to all accounts is quite poor. The point of selecting your age is so you can see content that is suitable. Nintendo should have just put a child lock on it so adults can choose what there kids see (pins to unlock certain content has been around for years). Its not a deal breaker but its absolutely bad idea on Nintendo's part. What are they doing. They should scrap this and go with what everyone else has been doing for years and have parental lock.

Zhipp1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I like Nintendo, but there's just no way to justify this. If you submitted your age as 18+, you should be able to watch and download whatever you want, whenever you want. As it is, they give you, an adult who has every right to access this content, only 4 HOURS in the middle of the night to make purchases, watch trailers, and download demos. That's absolutely ridiculous! It may not be a complete dealbreaker, but that's way too much of an inconvenience to be overlooked, and, if I lived in Europe, I would not go near the console until Nintendo rectifies this.

jay21964d ago

This should be illegal, what the hell's going on here! Nintendo, you're last few consoles might have been aimed at babies, but you need to let the audlts DL when they want.

Taibo1964d ago

I agree, this is a joke

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The story is too old to be commented.