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New PlayStation PSN Web Store blocks Linux computers

Sony again snubs Linux users with a PS3 by refusing access to the new SEN Web Store, with a generic error message giving no rhyme or reason (Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Tech)

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GribbleGrunger  +   843d ago
'Sony again snubs Linux users'

I imagine the day when PS fans get good news and just enjoy it.
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Ben_Grimm  +   843d ago
You probably won't be there and miss them because you're too busy finding articles with anything bad about the ps3.
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Dante112  +   843d ago
@ Gribble

I agree. I don't know what Sony did but there has really been an outslaught of negative news and spins coming out this month. Ben, just look at the hottest story for today. "Playstation Boss hardcore "trolls" Nintendo by writing I love Sony on his Wii U page, a console that he payed for"
lodossrage  +   843d ago
Are you serious?

You act like he'd have to look very hard for negative Sony related news here. It gets shot up in heat daily. Even the most minor Sony news gets a TON of negative attention.
Ben_Grimm  +   843d ago
How is that bad news?

Let's read the whole title shall we...

PlayStation Boss Trolls Nintendo In The Sweetest Way Possible

How is this a negative, bad news article? He did exactly what was reported. It was all in good fun and joking.

Lets take a look at another article:

Sony offers PS Vita Memory Cards now with a free game

That looks like good news to me right? How about all the great news of the revamped Sony store? Or that Netflix is number one viewed on PS3? Or that PS+ giving away free games daily?

Wow, all this good news and yet you two seem to only focus on the negative news and spin it like this is the ONLY news appearing on N4G. I would think it would be tiring for you two (well at least Gribble) to constantly seek out these articles and post the same nonsense over and over again.


And why is that Lodossrage? Is it because the people here go into a red rage whenever a negative post is submitted that basically copies and paste what another site said?
Don't you find that insane to get worked up over. Find the positive articles about any company and compare the posts there. Maybe we should spend more time in those articles right? Except it doesn't get us worked up and able to launch insults at others or other systems from the privacy behind or keyboard.

Fact is some people love the drama and thrive off it. So they keep it alive and the flames burning, constantly bringing it up or posting conspiracies that make no sense.
And there is negatives news on every system here on N4G. MS, Sony and Nintendo.
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lodossrage  +   843d ago
Don't ask me questions YOU already know the answer to. You've been at this site long enough to see what does/ doesn't go on around here.

You want to know WHY people get worked up when consistent negative articles show up, then remember to ask the perpetrators next time they show themselves.

And yeah sure, there is negative news on all the systems here. But if you're trying to delude yourself into thinking it's equal or there's some sort of balance, then you must be high. Hell, Dante's post pretty much outlined it.
Silly gameAr  +   843d ago
All a person would have to do is log in and the first thing they would see is something negative about Sony or the PS3. It's actually harder to find positive Sony news, well without some kind of negative spin involved anyway.
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MmaFan-Qc  +   841d ago
"I don't know what Sony did but there has really been an outslaught of negative news"

oh, you mean the "articles" coming from random blogs who get approved by haters?

yeah, its obviously sony fault .....
WalterWJR  +   843d ago
Go back 10 or so years
MikeMyers  +   843d ago
If you let it bother you then it would appear worse than it actually is. Two of the biggest stories are about Call of Duty. Something the N4G community seems to try and bash. How ironic is that? A popular franchise gets treated poorly and the community supports this negativity. Sony struggles with the Vita and are not financially sound so any negative articles pertaining to Sony get chastised by the community who seem to be walking on eggshells. Here we have a small article that is only relevant to a very low ratio of users and once again we have the attitude of why keep picking on Sony.

Negativity sells. That's all there is to it. Be it about the Wii U, about parents killing their child over being interrupted while playing games or a Sony employee trolling Miiverse. To think this is immune to just Sony is just adding more fuel to the fire.

I own a PS3 but I never feel like I need to defend every article that has a negative tone towards Sony. Why is that?

"I imagine the day when PS fans get good news and just enjoy it."

What you should be saying is no matter how good or bad the news is today I will enjoy my PS products and that I don't need to lower myself to their level by making it appear as though it bothers me. Furthermore there is no need in flamebaiting and trolling articles while neglecting to actually talk about the story.

You have the power to ignore any and all such articles. I personally don't see the commotion. Hardly anybody would be using Linux in the first place trying to access the Playstation store. It's up to Sony to explain why this is, so why defend them until then?
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KMCROC  +   843d ago
Good for them. Always better to be safe than sorry.
fossilfern  +   843d ago
Whats to stop a hacker using windows ?
Christopher  +   843d ago
***This didn’t just affect consumers either, with PS3 cluster super computers used by businesses and the military also taking a toll.***

Knowing first-hand on this... government agencies (and companies who use them for the same purpose) weren't affected at all. All PS3s that come preinstalled with a firmware earlier than 3.21 can use linux without issue. The government agencies have no care about their use as gaming consoles, only as high speed processing centers.
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TheUndertaker85  +   843d ago
Not to mention that they're government agencies buying in bulk for a purpose, a purpose outside of gaming. It's not like they're going to retail stores and buying them.

Retail units have one firmware.
Demo units in stores have a different firmware.
Do you think government clusters don't have their own firmware?
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CandyCaptain  +   843d ago
Well seeing as it's not even out in all countries yet. I think it's too soon to say they snubbed linux users. It just may be they haven't gotten compatibility up yet to where they want it.
carreirabr  +   843d ago
That's BS, I'm accessing it right now on Debian/Chromium, US account.
ThatHappyGamer  +   843d ago
Nope. You can log into yout account ( https://account.sonyenterta... ) but not into the SEN store ( https://store.sonyentertain... ).
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dorron  +   843d ago
Yep, using Firefox 17.0.1 from a Linux Mint 14 64 bits. Blocked. (EU account)

Still can use a virtual machine to access it.
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ThatHappyGamer  +   843d ago
Same here, I'm using Xubuntu 12.04 + Firefox 17.0.1. :(
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talisker  +   843d ago
Another bullshit article. The store hasn't been officially announced yet. I've just tried to access it from a Windows desktop and it's unavailable. How can you blame something which isn't even ready?
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jay2  +   843d ago
LOL! nice.
GraveLord  +   843d ago
Good. We don't no hackers messing with PSN.
ThatHappyGamer  +   843d ago
I find your intelligence amusing.
ThatHappyGamer  +   843d ago
My dear Sony, I didn't expect this from you. <_<
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