New Metal Gear Rising merchandise revealed, info on the watch and promotion plans

At the moment there is a Metal Gear Rising Revengeance press event being held in the US. Some more information on promotional items for both the US and Japan has been revealed.

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THamm2026d ago

With MGS, usually "Limited" means Limited. !

Nyxus2026d ago

I believe there are 1000 of those watches.

BlackWolf2026d ago

Well, the watch look cool. :)

KrimsonKody2026d ago

Gimme watch & dog tag now!
I pay!

Nyxus2026d ago

Well, you can order the watch right now. If you have about 450 dollars to spare. ;)

KrimsonKody2026d ago

Yeah, I'm highly considering doing so. It'll be a late Christmas gift to myself.

But, I'm gonna try to research some details, like;
What material is the band made from (tungsten steel, Onyx, etc.).
Is the dials & back actually gold, gold-filled/plated & such.
Seiko is a decent & trusty brand, but I don't wanna waste a half a grand for a watch that will fade & damage quickly when worn.

KrimsonKody2026d ago

Gimme watch & dog tag now!

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