Top 10 Implementations of Trains in a Nintendo Game

Did you know that the word train comes from the Old French trahiner, which means “pull, draw”, and that the first trains were pulled by horses? Did you know that France’s TGV (translation: "high speed train", gotta love the French propensity for naming things) has achieved a maximum speed of 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph)? Did you know that there is a train in India called The Flying Ranee that does not actually fly, because trains, unlike certain other forms of transportation that will remain unnamed, are smart enough to not spit in the face of the powers that be? Did you know that I am just pulling random facts from the Wikipedia entry on “train”?

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KangarooSam1753d ago

So, this is what we're calling "journalism" now? Jesus H Christ...

bitboi1752d ago

anything to get hits these days! Can't wait to see the top ten list of video game characters that wear shoes...:/

Nerdmaster1752d ago

If they can make it funny or interesting, why not?

negative_zero1752d ago

Why would anyone write a non-controversial article about trains just for hits when "TOP 10 REASONS *insert popular thing here* SUX" would instantly get like 1,000x the hits?

negative_zero1753d ago

Who said anything about "journalism"? It's a top 10 list.