Should Nintendo change their business model to accommodate mobile games? In short, no.

Stevo writes: "Over the last few years Nintendo has been criticised over not porting their existing games to mobile devices or creating unique mobile games. What people are failing to realise is that Nintendo's business model is working, and a small group of fans aren't going to change that."

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klecser1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

A boat allows you to move on water only. If you live in the inland United States, there is a very limited set of places that you can go with your boat. Some rivers and lakes representing a very low area of travelling real estate. An SUV can move on land, sometimes when its a little wet too. An SUV can get you to a LOT of places that a boat can't go.

The boat market is doomed. The only possible way that the boat market can compete with the automobile market is to build hybrid boats that can drive on land. It is the only thing that makes sense. There is no way people will buy boats when they have cars. Cars can go to more areas of land. I just feel sorry for the boat companies that keep producing boats when they know they have an inferior product. They should just quit, because if you can't tap the exact same market as cars, there is no way you can sustain a business.

I like cars, and I can't understand for the life of me why anyone would want a boat. Therefore, the market doesn't exist for boats. Boats are doomed and they better get with the NOW if they expect to survive.

Do some of you see how silly the "handhelds are dead because smartphones and tablets exist" "argument" is? You are advocating for the demise of boats because cars exist. Boats may not be able to go the places cars can and they may not have all of the functional bells and whistles that cars do, but boats are really good at what they do. Boats did not disappear as the market for cars went mainstream. Instead, a set of enthusiastic boat owners who knew the benefits of boats stuck with them. Many of them also bought cars, but they recognized the value in having the SPECIALIZED vehicle.

So do me a favor. Go to someone who has a boat and make the EXACT same arguments you make whenever you say handhelds are dead to them about their boat. Criticize them for owning a boat. Tell them their days of being able to buy a boat are numbered. See if you have that friend anymore and see if they don't think you're bat shit insane.

This is what you do when you come on here and argue that handhelds are "dead". You are making the "boat" argument. And it is just as terrible of an argument and makes you look just as foolish to those of us who understand the current benefits of specialization in electronics. I'm not saying that in the future that a boat may not arise that can drive onto the land that is MAINSTREAM (sorry Wisconsin Ducks) or that a smart phone or tablet won't have the same gaming portability, horsepower, triple A titles or low cost as a handheld. But it isn't NOW.

Jadedz1932d ago

Welp, time to wax the ol' crystal ball... xD (lmao @ Michael Pachter).

Knight_Crawler1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Should Sony start releasing PS3 exclusives on the PC?

Should MS stop making shooters?

In short, no : )

poo3429472947921932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

should cliffy B play dorthy in a wizard of OZ short yes

tweet751931d ago

no never played any mobile game i enjoyed more than a mario or zelda game