Playstation All-Stars Balance Patch 1.02 Crashing PS3s And Vitas

Not a good look, Sony.

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JoelT1966d ago

I still don't get how hardware failing bugs make it through certification this late into a console cycle (360 included in that as well).

jujubee881966d ago

This is the first time I here about all this crashing business (for allstars).

Dee_911966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

today's headline
PS3's CRASHING ! Vita's CRASHING ! Green Goblin terrorizes citizens
Spiderman, where are you ?!
Guess im gonna have to actually work tomorrow instead of playing psasbr .. then again lbp just finished downloading :)
unemployment here i come

Veneno1966d ago


You shouldn't start bashing on technical aspects unless you know what you are talking about. And obviously you don't.

If you did your research you'd know that the patch is coming out to players in batches, similar to the way PSN maintainence works. Which means there will be online bugs because some people have the patch and some don't.

If you play the game offline it should work as normal.

garos821966d ago

You would think that but the body patch has caused issues even with single player.played as few rounds of local 1vs1 and it crashed around 4 a bit of a mess if you ask me

Y_51501966d ago

Good thing I haven't downloaded the patch yet.

tack1291966d ago

Confirmed, can't get past the "Bluepoint Engine" screen on the PS3 version. Vita version I can do so but can't find matches on it due to an error message popping up.

r211966d ago

I can confirmed this, its not working online for now, keep getting error 0000-000A :L Hopefully Sony/Superbot fix this ASAP. I need my fix of PSASBR!

MartinB1051966d ago

Unlike firmware updates, it IS possible to reverse a game update, so this shouldn't cause too trouble.

doogiebear1966d ago

But u still need update to play online right? All i care about is owning fools in MP

Soldierone1966d ago

Patches are normally delayed to prevent this, yet it happens lol

doogiebear1966d ago

How the hell does a FIRST PARTY patch like this get released? Did Sony bypass double checking it simply because it's for a 1st party game? ALL games should be checked for the quality of its patches, no matter who made it.

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