David Braben Hopes LostWinds Will Soar Right Alongside Nintendo's Coming WiiWare Launch

To get a sense of the thought process behind making a WiiWare game ahead of the service's May 12th debut, Newsweek's Level Up spoke by phone with Frontier Developments founder David Braben. His company's first such title, LostWinds, aims to put "the power of the wind in the palm of your hand" (using the Wii remote) as you guide young Toku (using the nunchuk) on a series of adventures to lift an evil curse placed on the land of Mistralis. Also on the call: Nintendo of America director of project development, who began to chime in halfway through the interview with some explanations that clarified the differences between how Nintendo has chosen to approach original downloadable games as compared to Microsoft and Sony.

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this game has potential