Project Versus J Scan 2 (DBZ, One Piece Game)

A new scan for the crossover game has been released.

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tayz1997d ago

this game is gonna be beast! OP and DBZ! if they include Naruto and Bleach OMG!!

Simon_Brezhnev1997d ago

I just hope this is on PS3 and Vita.

Jinkies1997d ago

Tenchi Muyo never gets any love...he and other characters would be good in a game like this

tayz1997d ago

is that a fighting anime? i never watched it, but seen that tenchi guy before and he doesn't look like he can compete with goku or anybody for that matter lol

Simon_Brezhnev1997d ago

Tenchi Muyo is a fighting harem anime. Hell i want to say it started the harem genre.

ronin4life1997d ago

Tenchi Muyo was JUMP?

sithsylar1997d ago

Come on ps3 for region freenesssssss

CraigUK1997d ago

you better hope so, there is no way this would get released outside of japan because of all the licences involved in the different franchises

TheLyonKing1997d ago

If you know your japanese well you can just import it, which I dont :(

Griffin48711997d ago

If Goku ever eats a Gum-Gum Fruit, the pirates are f***ed.

TheLyonKing1997d ago

I hate that fusion picture, even goku when he was a teen in the 23rd budokai tenkaichi final (when he fought piccolo) was much stronger than Luffy there power levels are just too different, Luffy is a different kind of super human to goku.

But these shows combining for a game will be awesome just like the cross epoch epsiode where dbz and one piece combined :D

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