2wk old baby killed for interrupting Dad's gaming

20-year old Brian Frazier is in custody this week, charged with the first-degree murder of his two-week old son. According to police reports, Frazier was pulling an all-night gaming session when baby Khan "got fussy" at around 5am.
Frustrated at the interruption to his gaming, Frazier reportedly grabbed the baby by the neck and punched him in the face. The baby - according to prosecutors - then "went back to sleep", and later died of his injuries.

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MariaHelFutura1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

It`s not because of the game, it`s because he's mentally unstable (he just happened to be playing a game). Crazy people are just crazy people you can help or save them and they don't explode when hit by sunlight, I don't care how crazy they are.

camel_toad1715d ago

Yep the way they lived in filth backs that up. They're way below sub-human.

inveni01715d ago

There are a bunch of people who kill their kids because "god told them to", and it's taboo to attack religion because of it. But when it comes to games, movies, etc, people don't mind attacking at all. It's not just the sickos who are sick anymore. It seems all of society has a hard time expecting people to take responsibility for their own actions.

morganfell1714d ago

He isn't mentally unstable, he is just trash. It wasn't the game, pressure from his life, that he never got a tickle me elmo, or the fact his father never held him enough when he was a baby. It's just him...period. Saying he was unstable in some way implies his actions may have been beyond his control. They weren't. And since he is responsible, and we need to start holding people accountable, he should forced down in a hole, justice should be administered for HIS actions, and then he should be forgotten.

Winter47th1714d ago

The prison inmates will grow him a new asshole. There's still justice in the world in all the wrong parts.

FriedGoat1714d ago

I'd be angry if I was going out with that too.

FriedGoat1714d ago

Whoah, looks like she reads N4G.

ninavoljic1714d ago

boys, just search google. It appears this shit happened to another victim just last month.

Just hit "father gamer killed baby"

lfclee1714d ago

If he was mentally ill where were the authorities letting them keep a baby surely there too blame letting him keep a baby, it makes you mad that the authorities let this happen because they must have knew if he was mentally unstable, it's so sad what has happened.

pixelsword1714d ago

I feel sorry for the baby; and only the baby.

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Mounce1714d ago

His wife looks like an Ogre or some form of bridge troll that eats children.

spicelicka1714d ago

aaand we got the first firestarter in the house. Any reason to bring religion into bad light some people just love to take that opportunity.
I bet this guy would never use this example the other way around, how video games =/= violence should mean religion =/= violence.

Crazy people are crazy. regardless.

ChrisW1714d ago

Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!

When my 18 month old son interrupts my game, I stop playing and take care of him.

All of my online friends, many of whom don't have kids or aren't married, fully understand and never complain when I have to stop mid game because they know I'm being a responsible parent.

bigfish1714d ago

apparently you can still play video games in jail

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RBLAZE19881715d ago

Look at these two meth heads. Who the f let them keep a kid they were both obviously unstable. This guy should be beat to within an inch of his life every day in prison til he dies of injuries. Too bad he'll most likely be ruled insane and be shipped off to a mental hospital. Makes me sick.

neogeo1714d ago

This is the reason why I can never see the argument with gay marriage. People say it's bad for kids. I say if your going to start regulating who can have kids then start with people like this first. A certification should be passed first.

Dirtnapstor1714d ago

Agreed... but he still needs to burn in Hell; I hope for baby Khan's sake, it's a painful process prior to Brian's departure.
There is no excuse for this type of behavior!

FriedGoat1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


RXL1714d ago

i don't understand why you have disagrees...

I'am glad this comment was the first...

doogiebear1714d ago

I hope he gets raped in prison for the rest of his life.

ElementX1714d ago

Yeah because that will fix everything, grow up

Reverent1714d ago

ElementX, calm down. Sometimes you just need a dark sense of humor. The guy murdered his freaking baby for crying out loud. If ever there is an excusable time to be a little dark, it's now.

FlameBaitGod1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


Just because people try to use religion to justify a kill doesn't mean religion is about that. Kids this days stereotype everything.

daclynk1714d ago

you are right my friend!

Awesome_Gamer1714d ago

That is really horrible, I know the media will try to blame video games but that isn't the reason imo, like Maria said, Crazy people are Crazy, video games has nothing to do with it.

Cam9771714d ago

He is a sick, inconsiderate fool.

YxUxNO1714d ago

agreed... and From Dusk Till Dawn quote at the end +bubs

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Jinkies1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


I hate this world...I really do

They should kill for a life I say, oh but no the "Human Right" act and the group behind it will have there little way and it will be dragged out longer then it needs to. Just like most crimes these days...hell if that happened over here in the UK, he would probably get 10 years but would get let out early knowing our crappy system.

MariaHelFutura1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I agree. They should die.

Jinkies1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Beauty only complies of a small fraction of this world, one might look at it and see beauty like a lovely waterfall for example surrounded by lush trees and a rainbow inside the waterfall generated by the warm sunshine but really it's just a cover up to what the world is really like these days. Earth is full of beauty, society isn't

Turn the news on and what will you see straight away...murder, rape, drugs, famine or a natural disaster which are becoming more frequent.

I'm not saying theres nothing nice on this planet but the majority of it is just's the reason why I like to bury my head in video games and films, least I can ignore it in "fantasy land"

MariaHelFutura1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Sorry, I edited my comment. I decided to keep it short and sweet. But in reply to my ghost comment. I hear what your saying, just remember beauty is relative and fantasy lands don't exist anywhere.

Imalwaysright1715d ago

That is not justice, that is revenge. By killing him you would do the same thing he did.