Numbers show: The Call of Duty decline looks real

The latest installment of the Call of Duty franchise from Activision Blizzard saw a decline of approximately 14 percent in its first month sales on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to the latest retail sales figures from the NPD Group.

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Y_51501961d ago

IT took 4 monkey flipping years! Wow it's time for some great games to be on top for once. Call of Duty is at most GOOD not GREAT.

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Beastforlifenoob1961d ago

What does everyone expect? That people will keep buying very VERY similar games ever year for the next 10 years. No it must stop there are three main ways that this can and will end:
1) Call of duty has trash sales, infinity ward goes bankrupt...
2) They make a hell of an improvement and the games start picking momentum
3) They keep going with whatever sales they get

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

But these people like that casual experience of Cod. If Cod doesn't do it for them then EA will make something for them and every other shooter dev who feels they have a chance. Hopefully that audience gives up gaming and gets into movies more..

rainslacker1960d ago

7.4 million people disagree with you. That's still a lot of units to sell through, and you won't see change until it gets down below 2-3 million.

showtimefolks1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

the media and telecommunications company that ousted its chief executive this week, has decided to seek a buyer for its $8.1 billion stake in Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI), a person with knowledge of the situation said.
Should no buyer emerge for the 61 percent holding in the Santa Monica, California-based video-game publisher, Paris-based Vivendi plans to sell shares in the market, said the person, who sought anonymity because the plans are private.

even the parent company see the decline coming so while black-ops 2 did new things and actually made genuine changes issue is yearly release games loose their touch after a while.


do you think next-gen systems may help COD brand? i think if COD makes huge improvements in graphics department and reinvents itself a little bit maybe COD can stay good but if activision thinks that they can keep selling 20 million copies of COD every year than they are wrong.

COD can be like madden but than also expect the sales to be like madden 5 million not 25.

some goes for UBI with AC series


I think they have one chance to really put it right.

I think everyone could see it was coming, I could tell just from talking with my friends online.

eventually people are going to feel burntout with the whole yearly thing.. especially when there is hardly anychange at all.

Once you build that into the reputation/identity of a game it will become hard to change peoples outlook towards it.

The funny thing is this is the best cod game since cod4, I mean I would put it at about the same level as MW2. it's way better then MW3 and better then Blops1 in my opinion and I really hated mw3 and blops2 an only thought mw2 was "ok".

My friends all know how much i hated the last few cods so they are really supprised when they see me playing it, but when I tell them it's actually not that bad, they have a hard time seeing it.

having said all that, I have no plans at all to buy season pass or dlc for the game.

I think when next gen starts people will be looking to see if there is a marked improvement in the game. if it just looks like the same old same old they will really start looking for something else.

everything comes to an end eventually though Cod had this gen on lockdown, to the point other publishers were pushing games release dates out of it's way.

finally people are wising up or just getting tired but Activision better do something or it will end up like GH.

Awesome_Gamer1961d ago

Thank God.
GTA V will break it's records next year, believe me.

yeahokchief1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

you noobs really shouldn't speak with such sweeping generalizations. i seem to recall you BEGGING for a dark souls port and a RDR port.

i like consoles for the exclusives, simplicity of use, and longevity of the platform.

i like pc games for pointy clicky and strategy games

in the past 3 years i have saved thousands by sticking with a ps3. next generation we'll see what i spend on. i'm probably going to switch back to playing fewer games longer on the pc (notably dota 2) as I will probably not want to spend absurd amounts of money on first generation consoles. imo it is better to buy the 2nd generation or later models for cheaper because they do design improvements and upgrades except for the ps3 which took away backwards compatibility and much needed usb slots.

Knight_Crawler1960d ago

This article is pointless.

I do not play COD but my lil bro and all his friends do and they said from Black Ops 1 that are not buing Black Ops becuase Modern Warfare is the best - When the new Modern Warfare is release and it flops then you can publish this article but I can bet you my entire life savings that the new MW will break records.

Plus people are fogetting that Black Ops was up against Halo 4 which is a beast on Xbox.

GraveLord1960d ago

Sorry to poop on your party but Black Ops 2 had 1 less week in November than MW3 yeah that's the reason for the "decline".

Back in your pants.

T3MPL3TON 1960d ago

... one less week in a month makes no difference you foolish child. Sales are sales. It's less than the previous game. Less time doesn't affect the sales seeing as most of these purchases were made on pre-order. Less people bought the game. Simple as that.

Zichu1960d ago


Yet it made $100m more than MW3. Activision are probably more interested in how many more dollars gets into there pockets.

cee7731960d ago

you guys realize it is on the the decline no matter how you put because it had an extra platform this year the wii u meaning less pcps360 gamers purchased the game and even the new platform the wii u couldn't help with the slack wii u is only attaching to 1.2 gamers per console and 9x out of 10 is mario or zombie U so yes it is indeed a fact that COD is on the decline I mean yea it generated 100mil more but that includes elite pack (or whatever its called this time:P)and map packs etc.

IAmLee1960d ago


miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1960d ago

All sales are down on everything.

LAZL0-Panaflex1960d ago

Yeah right, each installment with the exception of mw3 gets better. I still think blackops 1&2, and battlefield3 got the best multiplayer.

iamlegend99991960d ago

Nice try. I already knew this wasn't going to sell higher because people were being biased right off the bat in the first trailer for black ops. People were saying " black ops 2 sucks because were fighting robots". If it wasn't for the people whining about fighting robots about 20% of the game, it would have sold more.

WeskerChildReborned1957d ago

Yea it's too simple and not really unique.

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Qrphe1961d ago

Fatigue was bound to happen.

Cam9771961d ago

Yes it was inevitable but it should go faster!

Jinkies1961d ago

Thank God

You know they in the North tell of a special legend that after 5 to 6 yearly cycles, when the sun passes the moon 3 times and the planets perfectly aligne that future gamers will start buying high quality games that deserve to be bought instead of COD.

As I said, so far, it's just a legend...past down from me to me

Tetsujin1961d ago

The only thing CoD is good for is birth control among teens, ugly people, and is a good babysitter for parents who need that "alone time."

Jinkies1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

For me COD is like the mordern gimmick in todays world. Remember how people used to play with Conkers in school and it was a thing everyone did if you didn't do it you were "uncool" then came things like Pokemon Cards or Crazy Bones which did one over it...and so on, well COD is basicaly a new type of gimmick which is so high up and so morden tec wise that nothing else can beat it, nothing new can come and take it's place. Pokemon Cards were outdone by Digimon, then Yugi Oh and so on but really it was the same gimmick (cards) just it differnt form, thats why you see many copies of COD because other developers think they can outdo it and people will move onto their franchise....obviously it's not working though

It's like if you don't buy COD your out of the loop, the social crowd whether it's at school, Uni or work. Thats the real reason people buy it, not because it's good, the amount of friends I have who don't play on games but buy it because everyone else does.

Tetsujin1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

That's what I put in another post, the majority bought it only because someone else either suggested it, to "fit in," or because they "had to." I'm glad the game is declining in sales so Activision has no choice but to either step up their game and bring something new or find another franchise to milk to death.

As far as gimmicks go, I remember in the mid 90's those pogs the kids used to play with; I was more into Sega Genesis/SNES, Pokemon didn't really hit it off here till after I graduated High School in 2000. Hell I remember the early 90's with Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre and how "cool" it was to act like you was in a gang, oh and you can't forget saggin pants.

@Disagrees, if you're gonna disagree at least have the balls to say why.

XboxInnovation1961d ago

After BO1 I was burnt on CoD. I got MW3 and played maybe 30 hours worth online and was bored to death. Have not touched BO2.

Cerberus291961d ago

That's pretty much exactly how it played out for me. Loved COD 4, thought WaW was ok, MW2 was fun for about a weak until everyone started using all the exploits and unbalanced weapons, Black ops 1 was ok but I was gettin burnt out on COD (really military shooters in general), I liked MW3 more than I thought I would considering how much I hated MW2, but again got burnt out pretty quick. And then we have Black ops 2, I didn't buy this one but my brother did, and after beating the campaign in less than 5 hours and trying the multiplayer for a couple hours I can tell you you made the right choice passing on this one.

hardcorehippiez1961d ago

i have bought all the cods except for mw3 and the quality of each stepped down in my opinion. however black ops 2 is better than all of the others except for the first modern warfare so this time im glad i bought it. i think it is an improvement that has come too late however too many people have been burned and activision deserves the slump in sale for the amount they have milked this franchise