Halo 3 Auto-Update - Feb 20th 2008 - Melee Changes

In the wee hours of Wednesday, Feb 20th, PST, the Halo 3 AutoUpdate will go live, and address some minor bugs and gameplay issues.

The main change many players will see are to do with Melees. It is now possible to both die during a Melee (judging by alot of players playstyle this will now happen often) if both players have similar health. Bodies that have just died from a melee now do not fly miles and should be more realistic. Whether this is a good change has yet to be seen.

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i Shank u3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

thank god for these changes, tho taking out the bug that sent melee kills far across the map suxx : ( and lol that pic looks like two Master Chiefs scissoring

warden9763749d ago

looking forward to trying this out tonight...

zonetrooper53749d ago

Haven't played Halo 3 in some time now, may go back to it and see if the update is any good.

v1c1ous3749d ago

so now if i melee first, i wont die when the other guy melees 1/2 a second later than me and gets the kill just because he had .3 more HP than me.

Andronix3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I totally agree brother.
So many times I strike first and yet... the other person gets a kill... somehow.

Is was a major faux pas letting American gamers have an advantage over other nations. I will put Halo in my xbox to get the update, my worry is that I will find im still sh*t when it comes to melee combat!

I didnt mind the flying bodies, thing. Halo is not meant to be gritty like Gears of War, its lighter approach.

Just reading the Bungie page is interesting but techy stuff about latency and timeing. It takes a lot of clever people to make a game.

Eamon3749d ago

They also need to improve animations as well. It would be nice if dead bodies are interactive too. As in: If theres an explosion a dead body could fly and turn into a headshot at someone else. That would be wicked.

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The story is too old to be commented.