"Unique gaming moments" the industry's future

Why moving away from animated routines is important for GTA and Indiana Jones.

The CEO of development tools company Natural Motion has told that the future for creating realism in videogames lies not with lots of animated routines, but with CPU synthesis.

Torsten Reil, speaking in an interview at GDC, believes that in order to capture the imagination of the pubic moving forwards it's important to provide "unique gaming moments" - in other words that 'never the same twice' feeling.

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rCrysis3770d ago

This news is interesting. If a new synthesized CPU can randomize yet catch the reality of the animation more video games would be 'less predictable'. Actually more unique because it wouldn't be the same movements/animation all the time. This CPU could just randomize another set of the desired animation.

I hope I've caught on to the idea of this synthesized CPU...