November 2012 NPD: Nintendo sells over 1.75 million hardware units

Nintendo has shared sales data for Wii U's launch and first week, New Super Mario Bros. U, and 3DS/DS/Wii data.

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-Mika-1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Hm... Only 845k WiiU sold. Those are ok numbers but I don't think they can keep up this momentum. Frankly Put, the WiiU does not have any games. There are no killer apps that make you go "Wow I need to have this". Right now, alot of people are waiting for details of Sony and MS next gen consoles. There is nothing coming out for the WiiU in 2013 and frankly the ps3/360 are keeping alot of core gamers happy.

@ Konabro

Thxs for the clarification. I was having a hard time believing this sold 845k in such short time.

KonaBro1995d ago

NeoGAF has numbers. They break down like this:

Nintendo 3DS: 540K (-32.1%)
Nintendo Wii U: 425K
Nintendo Wii: 420K (-51.1%)
Nintendo DS: 370K (+5.7%)

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MikeMyers1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Microsoft and Nintendo mentioned their numbers, now it's time for Sony.

Ben_Grimm1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

So NeoGAF and VGchartz can't be trusted?

Then where do you go?

Norrison1995d ago

The oficial statements from: nintendo, sony, microsoft.

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Welshy1995d ago

The Wii U is reaching into an alleged market gap i don't think exists and does nothing for me as an owner of the other current-gen consoles, but i think people need to lay off with the uber negativity and give it time to grow.

Alot of these statements we are seeing plagued the PS3 launch too in the media and have a look where the PS3 is now? It's the strongest it has ever been and it's going on 7 years old. Who's to say Wii U can't turn it around and become a massive hit once PS3/360 move on?

If you have a Wii U, good stuff, go have fun. If you own a current system already and the Wii U doesn't appeal to you (as it doesn't me) then lay off with the negativity.

I'm neither gonna hate on it or show uber enthusiasm, it needs time to grow and learn what direction it wants to travel.

MikeMyers1995d ago

Mika, if you had a hard time believing it sold that much then why was your opening sentence saying only 845k sold?

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Phil321995d ago

I was going to respond to you, but I understand now why you have only one bubble. So sad. Freaking trolls and fanboys make this site's comments sections the joke that it is. Congrats.

Zhipp1995d ago

Pikmin 3 is in 2013! PIKMIN 3!!! For the first time in nearly 9 years! How are you not excited!? Have you not seen the gameplay!? Have you never played Pikmin?! Huh!? HUH!?

ritsuka6661995d ago

Wii U numbers are actually really good , especially if you note NPD is only counting the first 7 Wii U days...

Deku-Johnny1995d ago

You obviously don't own one. The only people I've heard say the Wii U isn't worth buying right now are those that have never even been in the same room as it.

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1995d ago
Welshy1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

*awaits troll to make Sony "combining PS3/Vita units" gag as your making a truthful statement that sounds negative*

Edit: lmao Shiningpen beat me to the punch

cee7731995d ago

no sony combines vita with psp

lot of false justification going on lately.

ozstar1995d ago

Yeah well it'll be nice to see the Windows 8 Sales categorized into seperate sku's too.

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sway_z1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Why are there so many spreadsheet gamers??

Sales this, figures that, digits, numbers?? ...leave that to shareholders....God forbid you people actually remember to play the games!!

....everybody's a shareholder or on the board when it comes to consoles LMFAO

Some people seem to forget, they're nothing but an end user in this go start a company.

Phil321995d ago

People here would rather play console wars than play games. It's true.

MegaLagann1995d ago

Apparently all gamers have marketing & business degrees. Or they're talking out their ass (myself included). My guess is on the latter.

tiffac0081995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Actually I think its a new type of game since almost everyone seems to be playing it.

indysurfn1995d ago

What someone telling the truth? How DARE you! For the record 720 will own. But still until then I have my PS3 and Xbox360 fanboys to attact the Wiiu. I will get one as soon as a JRPG comes out. For 'testing' purposes! I dont know how people are putting these numbers down. I mean this is WAY above what the xbox or PS3 did during there launch week. If your putting down wiiu numbers your punking xbox and playstation numbers.

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