Nvidia Simplifies Game Settings With GeForce Experience

With almost every major game cross-released on consoles and PCs these days, it can often be tough to know what the differences are between versions. But one is always present: The need for PC users to tweak their graphical settings for the best blend of visuals and performance. Doing this well can be tricky and time-consuming, and involve a lot of trial and error that probably interests you less than playing the actual game you purchased. With its new GeForce Experience application, however, Nvidia is trying to change all that.

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Yukicore1995d ago

That's great, although many current games are going for so simple game setting options, that they can't get more simpler. For example AC3 had like 5 options.

But there are still developers that like to make it with more option settings, so this is a great application for people with not so much experience or with people who don't like to mess with the settings.

Feralkitsune1995d ago

Funny, cause Far Cry 3 isn't supported by this. XD

ginsunuva1995d ago

If this application truly finds the best optimal settings, such that doing it manually would be worse, we should all use this.

NYC_Gamer1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Nvidia is making things a lot more easy for casual/core gamers

Mocat1995d ago

Wow thank, i needed something like this