Staff Picks: Top 15 N64 Games

Oprainfall writes:

"Okay, firstly, lets get one thing straight. The N64, as decent as it was, didn’t have a huge library of great games from 3rd party developers. Sure there were a couple, but it was mainly Nintendo and Rare that provided the hits, which is why this Top 15 is pretty much made up of games from the aforementioned. (Sorry to spoil that for you)."

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Griffin48711992d ago

How did I know OoT was gonna be number one?

Oh wait, that's right.

3GenGames1992d ago

Great list! So many N64 haters in the collectors community where I tread, but over all it was a great system with one of the top libraries of any system when you look at how few games were released. And the best part is so many fans will have all the same top games, just numbered differently.

SolidGear31992d ago

Great list but Doom 64 is my favorite.

MizTv1992d ago

Wwf no mercy, 2000 and wcw revenge!
I still play them!

Qrphe1992d ago

The N64 had a pretty small library but some very good games (even if you could count them with your fingers).
F-Zero X and Starfox 64 were the best titles in the console all around imo.

3GenGames1992d ago

Too bad it has a lot more than 10 good games. The top 15 list here is proof of that!

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