OXCGN’s 2012 Reader GOTY: Gamers Voted, But Will the VGAs Get it Right?


"For five wonderful years, OXCGN has been bringing the gaming community in Australia and abroad the best opinionated pieces in the gaming space.

This year, we decided to have two separate Game of the Year awards: one for the readers, and a second traditional one decided by our staff.

You voted, and the results are in.

Who did you pick?"

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DeusExer1603d ago

It's an interesting choice, but worthy nonetheless.

Proeliator1603d ago

Indeed. I think I'm going to play it again now...

Y_51501603d ago

I saw the chart for it and it looks like Journey/Xcom won over over Halo/Mario U? The chart is confusing to read but Journey deserves it it's the best 10 bucks I spent on a video game all year!

KangarooSam1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I paid $15.

Edit: I also finished it for the first time about 2 hours ago, it was amazing. Worth 10 or 15 either way. I just hope I'll feel it drawing me back eventually cause replay value would be nice for that price.

Y_51501603d ago

Whoa it was 15 dollars! My mistake but still worth that price! :)

KingofGambling1603d ago

Congratulation to thatgamingcompany you really do deserve this recognition.

ginsunuva1603d ago

I saw someone in class wearing a shirt that said thatgamecompany on it. I had hope for humanity. A little bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.