Dead or Alive 5 Plus on Vita gets touch controls, first-person view

Tecmo admits earlier screens were not Vita shots.

Tecmo has revealed the first details regarding previously teased 'appealing' new features for Dead or Alive Plus on Vita.

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miyamoto1991d ago

"Update:As some of you may have suspected from the resolution of these screens, it turns out they're not from the Vita version. "The screenshots we have in the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS album are from the console version. We will be releasing more screens soon," said a Tecmo rep via Facebook."

no wonder they look like PS3 graphics! :P

majiebeast1991d ago

Atleast they admitted the mistake Square enix kept trying to use ps3 screenshots for the 360 version of Final fantasy 13.

Simon_Brezhnev1991d ago

I didnt get this on PS3 but i will get it on Vita.

souljah451991d ago

Cant wait for this was hoping for a dimentions esque game but didnt think it would happen but damn a numbered release got better than what i wanted. All i need now is TTT2 n im in fighting heaven

CaptCalvin1991d ago

I'm not sure the author of this article knows what "logistically" means.

gear1990d ago

This is superb!I am going to buy this game as soon its released in eur.