10 sidekicks that deserve their own game

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Y_51502173d ago

The adventures of Victor "Sully" Sullivan! Him and young drake go on adventures or they can go farther back which would be awesome!

-Mezzo-2173d ago

Sully definitely deserves a Game, if not a game they should at least do a Story DLC about him.

Y_51502173d ago

I agree with Bruci and Falco but Toad?! HAHA yeah right he's (or they're) just punching bags.

Snookies122173d ago

I've always disliked Toad... His voice is annoying and I always just want to punt him like a football whenever he's around... Lol!

majiebeast2173d ago

Sully and frog for sure. Also Auron from final fantasy 10 deserved his own game instead of Yuna.

Irishguy952172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

Auron and Jecht wih Braska was actually supposed to be made. Can't remember the specifics but S-E's downfall kicked in just at this turning point. Yuna got her game

Qrphe2172d ago

"Call me Sully, don't call me Mr. Sullivan, only the IRS calls me that"


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The story is too old to be commented.