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First Aliens: Colonial Marines images

Tiscali Games has the first Aliens: Colonial Marines images from the latest issue of Game Informer magazine. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Credit url: hardwired.hu
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Fishy Fingers  +   2615d ago
Sh!t me, im seriously impressed with that, i cant wait to see some gameplay footage in HD. The face hugger looks fantastic.

Anyone getting the feeling that its based around Aliens? Which is my favourite movie in the series.
decapitator  +   2615d ago
Not really images, more like scans but thanks for posting though. The game looks great even in the scans. Can't wait to see it in motion and some better images.
Joey Gladstone  +   2615d ago
Please do the Aliens Series The Justice it deserves
I am Pleasantly Surprised with the quality of this game graphics wise...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"
00  +   2615d ago
Graphics look surprisingly good.
LocustGR  +   2615d ago
It's awesome, dude!
i Shank u  +   2615d ago
wow, that looks fvcking amazing, these first screens do not disappoint. definitely has the feel of the 2nd movie. with this and the Alien RPG in development by Obsidian.... Alien's fans, prepare for glory!
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MK_Red  +   2615d ago
Pure freaking AWESOMENESS. Superb find and screens.

Look at those sexy aliens and the detail of facehugger's design.
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Silverwolf  +   2615d ago
Big fan of the Alien series (movies)
AVP PC game was really good. What will make or break this game (besides gameplay) is atmosphere which is pretty much mandatory in the alien universe. Also having the right fluid movements for the aliens would be a plus.
jackwei22  +   2615d ago
this will be a big one
finally we've waiting soo long for alien colonial marines game it will sell very well indeed hopefully and will prehaps be one of the scariest games outthere and frighten some people and give them nightmares lol. It would be good if there special appearances of multiplayer that includes ripley, apone, hicks and definetly hudson lol.

looking forward this one indeed.
Fishy Fingers  +   2615d ago
a coupe of my wants...

i want the gun noises from the Aliens movie, that should be a shoe in.

also multi-player, apart from the usual death match modes, i hope you can team up with say 7 friends (8 player) and battle a horde of aliens, that would be sweet!

in all honesty im really surprised by how good this looks, when i heard a new aliens game was in the works i wasnt expecting much but this looks outstanding.
they have the fantastic story there so all they need is some solid gameplay/atmosphere, get that right and this is going to be a huge hit!
hopefully we'll see something at GDC.
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MK_Red  +   2615d ago
Well, the game indeed looks exceptionally good but nothing surprising since it is made be GearBox and their have already shown their talent with great Brothers in Arms games.
Fishy Fingers  +   2615d ago
Cheers MK, i was wondering who was developing it, you saved me a google search!

Wonder what engine they're using, because correct me if im wrong but Brothers in Arms is running on UE3 right?
Gorgon  +   2615d ago
Well, lets wait for the gameplay and atmosphere. The graphics look very good indeed. Maybe a bit too colorfull and shiny? Have to see real screeshots and in-game footage first.

Also, I hope its not just a shooting fest à la Call of Duty. Even Aliens had a lot of atmosphere and a nice pacing between full shooting fest and intense exploration scenes. Lets hope they are abble to convey that in the game.

Let's see. High hopes here.
KyonoRocks  +   2615d ago
Wow I thought this game was cancelled! Awesome news
kevoncox  +   2615d ago
Is that the movie? I can't tell...
I just ish myself.
M1am1U  +   2615d ago
When can I get my hands on this game? This looks absolutely amazing. Finally, it looks like the Alien franchise will be done some justice for the first time in a while. I can't wait!
Antan  +   2615d ago
Count me In!! Another to add to the radar.
Dlacy13g  +   2615d ago
Very excited to see this IP re-surface....
I loved it on the PC way back when...so this should be outstanding especially with live chat & squad tactics, etc...
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2615d ago
Oh....drools.... it's about time for some aliens and marines :) After waiting like forever for another Alien vs Predator game, and the horrible (can't seem to get it right) Alien vs Predator movies, this is a welcome touch.
Scenarist  +   2615d ago
Ok maybe its me...
but does that face hugger on that screen shot with it flying towards the camera look like a vagina to anyone other than me?
i swear it looks like one....i think its the second screenshot
Perkel  +   2615d ago
maybe the first game after AVP 1 that will be good as avp1
Fishy Fingers  +   2615d ago
Ummm your joking right? i mean everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in mine, AVP make a complete joke out of 2 of my favourite movie franchises of all time.
Superiorrior  +   2615d ago
Did you even play AvP 1? No? Then you wouldn't know, that game got pretty popular and for what it was, it was totally amazing until Mplayer sold out to GameSpy Arcade, and then it died. I haven't played any other game like it, some people don't like it but I'll be damned if it wasn't one of the best FPS's I've ever played in my life.
TrevorPhillips  +   2615d ago
lol this looks good but looks kinda like the movie??
Fishy Fingers  +   2615d ago
Its obviously completely based around the "Aliens" movie. In fact one of the scans shows a comparison between a movie still and a screen shot and they are exactly the same.
Superiorrior  +   2615d ago
While I want this one to do really good, it is hard to reach back and think of the other AvP and stand alone titles, undoubtly AvP the first of the serious was truly amazing FPS game, I'm glad they're resorting back to the franchise of Aliens (I rather Predator myself) bringing a spark back, anyone remember Aliens for the Sega Saturn? Man that game was awesome.

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