GamesBeat: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn is a pint-sized Morrowind (review)

Dragonborn is a creepy descent into madness set in a mini Morrowind that isn’t quite as epic as Dawnguard, but it compensates for that with a wealth of new items, shouts, and spells. Its performance issues and overreliance on Skyrim storytelling tropes are difficult to ignore, but beneath all the frustration is a great adventure that examines the power of knowledge and how far one man will go to rule the world.

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wita1962d ago

This sounds way more interesting than the other DLC releases!

JeffGrubb1962d ago

Yeah, I'll pay for this.

Caligula1962d ago

I really, really, reeeeeally dislike the Seekers and Lurkers that the cultists summon. Leave that Lovecraft nonsense where it is!

WeskerChildReborned1962d ago

Sounds pretty fun but i heard no free riding with the dragons :(

Welshy1962d ago

Unfortunately no control over the dragons.

They just fly around as they would already when you seem them in the distance... except, you know... you sit on them and get a different perspective.

WeskerChildReborned1962d ago

Well i hope the rest of the Dragonborn DLC makes up for it.

Elit3Nick1962d ago

Actually from what I saw you can direct the dragon to attack specific targets on the ground.

Caligula1962d ago

It just needs more polish over all. It's tragic how some ideas in Skyrim suffer from not getting an extra day-to-week of dev time.