Assassin's Creed & Ubisoft, 31 Good Reasons to Get Involved

During Assassin's Creed III's launch party, which was held in Montreal, Ubisoft announced that Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team was going to get involved with the franchise. After showcasing three different Assassin's Creed-themed hockey mask designs, fans were asked to vote for their favorite one. The winning design will be replicated 31 times and signed by Carey Price himself, so that they may be auctioned. After the votes came in, the white hockey help, showcased above, was selected. Where will all this money be going?

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Jon_Fu_1996d ago

I voted for the white one! I hope Price wears the final product at least one time!

gemugurl1996d ago

i agree its the prettiest ^^

nassour1996d ago

Charity, Gaming, Good Cause = Why gaming is awesome!

candybooty1996d ago

It's cool to see the affiliation between the NHL players that are twiddling their thumbs with the lockout, especially with titles that aren't NHL games.

GG Carey price.

DevilRebellion1996d ago

I don't even like hockey, but this is some pretty good stuff!

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