Can you Survive the Far Cry 3 Jungle?

With Far Cry 3 released in North America, IMGMR decided to take the time to help a few of you that might need some in-game assistance. The goal here isn’t necessarily to tell players what to do, but to provide a few tips and tricks that will help them survive on this chaotic island.

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candybooty1934d ago

God I love this game. Even if it's not game of the year, I think it deserves to be nominated.

nassour1934d ago

Not only did i survive this game, but went thru all the endings...GOTY for moi!

djslimzz1934d ago

Hahahah epic x-rated scenes in the game too.

Jon_Fu_1934d ago

I was forced to just sit and watch a friend play this amazing game... the next day I bought it first thing! this year's pick for game of the year should be quite interesting.

DevilRebellion1934d ago

I want this game so bad! Ubisoft Montreal produced two amazing games in one year! Both of which are candidates for GOTY! AC3 and Far Cry 3! :D

teezanpleez1934d ago

amazing game .... Ubisoft surely did the job !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.