Duke Nukem Forever: Everything You Need to Know

New information from the subscribers-only Dallas Business Journal article:

- 12 years of development went towards interactive environments that their game engine was not mature enough to handle, so the code was rewritten resulting in a series of complications which produced further setbacks.

- Scott Miller says they've finally achieved their goal of creating a "super-interactive" game environment.

- Apparently Bombshell (which was one of the three stand-alone game projects 3DR was working on) is now integrated into DNF. Miller isn't quoted on the confirmation, but the article says she's part of the Duke universe as Duke's action-female counterpart.

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Joey Gladstone3718d ago

2009, or 2010 at the latest for a release date.....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

bigrob1233718d ago

12 years is along time so hopefully its the game to end all games lol

Amp3718d ago

STill Be nice if it happened in our lifetime

Ric Flair3718d ago

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bigrob1233718d ago

yeh tell me about it bn wanting a gd duke nukem since time to kill since i wernt impressed with plannet of the babes