Pachter: Activision to buy Take-Two, Nintendo becoming "completely irrelevant"

At Game Monetization Summit analyst also says Call of Duty is a “failure”, Zynga is a “train wreck”, and more

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donniebaseball1993d ago

Wow, wacky, but always entertaining!

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MariaHelFutura1993d ago

Pachter should be bubbled down for trolling.

knowyourstuff1991d ago

This guy is the biggest moron, doesn't understand the industry at all, doesn't understand trends, doesn't understand why gamers buy one game over another, doesn't understand why people buy one console over another, his opinion is irrelevant and he really should just be fired for his idiocy. When you're an analyst and you always get it wrong, you either get fired or people just stop listening to you. I can't believe this guy is still employed other than that people want to see a well paid guy say such stupid things

BattleAxe1993d ago

Sony should buy Take Two. Imagine if they had exclusivity with Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Max Payne, Midnight Club and Borderlands... I've been saying this for a while now though

n to the b1993d ago

was about to say eff you, don't you take my bioshock! then I remembnered there's no way in h*ll I'm buying MS's next console after the sh*t they put me through this gen.

IK IR Y IP T1993d ago

Do research b4 u make assumptions Take-two is a publisher they do not own red dead,gta,bio shock etc .. I think you have to be for sale to get purchased anyway take-two hasn't even announced they was interesting in selling

feeter1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

@ IK IR Y IP T... research they own R* ,2K and Irrational

showtimefolks1993d ago

yeah EA couldn't buy take-two so activision won't/cant. also let's not forget the company that owns majority of activision/blizzard is also trying to sell their shares.

$8.1 billion price point

also COD is slowing down so how many more games before people stop caring? BO2 is one of the best COD games in a long time but its sales are down.

“We believe unit sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops II are tracking down double digits year-over-year,” says Bhatia. “Our checks show initial sales of CoD: Black Ops II at some retailers were down as much as 20 percent. Subsequently, it appears sales of CoD did pick up a bit over the Thanksgiving holiday. We think the current sales curve suggests CoD: Black Ops II unit sales in its first year could ultimately be down 10 percent to 15 percent year-over-year,”

now nintendo slowing down well that all depends on wii-u. 3rd party support is what will decide the success or failure for wii-u

but consider this the last nintendo console to get 3rd party support was NES

DeadlyFire1993d ago

Activision/Blizzard while under Venvedi will not buy any company as they are pushing to sell their 61% stake in the company.

THQ is primed for someone to buy it or its assets as its tripping over its bank loans.

Take Two is not likely to be bought by anyone in the foreseeable future. Maybe one day, but unlikely I believe.

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Cam9771993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

More inaccurate predictions this "analyst" is releasing! Just ignore him, he releases so much hot air that he should look for a new job to replace a hot-air balloon's burner - maybe he'll be more useful? However, he does have a point; imagine how rich Acti would be if COD:MP needed a subscription to simply play it? Imagine all of the different outcomes that could've happened. We say Acti are evil, but imagine if they'd chosen to charge for COD MP? They'd have more money than the number if stars in the sky!

We could be in a lot worse of a situation.

nukeitall1993d ago

Pachter certainly gave a lot more sensible predictions than you did. =)

barb_wire1993d ago

This dude must be on some crazy good drugs.. he's all over the place with his "predictions".

Who listens to him again?

Dlacy13g1993d ago

well... for one you did. You may not agree with what he said...but you sure as heck read the article about his predictions.

HyperBear1993d ago

New Story:

Pachter: My Predictions Have Been And Still Are "Completely Irrelevant"

AdmiralSnake1993d ago

Wow.....this is indeed a new low for patcher.