Game Companies Should Focus on Quality Not Innovation's Dave Walsh takes a look at the arms race for innovation in the gaming world and how it should take a backseat to creating quality games over games with gimmicks.

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TheLyonKing1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Um no they should go hand in hand cause without innovation you get stagnation so in turn you will get a well made game which is a near enough carbon copy to another game which is a boring prospect.

If people had that mindset the games industry wouldn't have flourished.

Dante1121994d ago

@ TheLyon

I agree, just look at CoD and Madden. When need both innovation and quality.

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Sp1d3ynut1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

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ronin4life1994d ago

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Panthers1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


DeadlyFire1994d ago

Innovation and quality only come from competition.

First off they must have quality similar genre titles to even be recognized in the market. Some innovation is always required for a quality name to appear on top. Its not necessary that you make it 100% alien to the fanbase of said genre in the first game though. Quality must outdo innovation for it to sell to people's minds and be accepted.

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dvewlsh1994d ago

Sure, but lots of games that aren't pushing the boundaries or really trying to are made that are just good, solid games.

I'm not against innovation at all, because they do go hand-in-hand, but we are seeing an excess of innovation, but the ratio to quality games is kind of low.

TheLyonKing1994d ago

I can't think of many examples of new ips which follow that tone or infect series except call of duty.

dvewlsh1994d ago

There are also a lot of new IPs that are kind of shoddy, though.

Something like Sleeping Dogs people seem to love, and there really wasn't a crap ton of innovation that I can remember in that (I mean stuff on a larger scale, little things are what they are).

Enigma_20991994d ago

Agreed, but if put in a position where I had to choose one or the other, I'd choose a quality game over an innovative one.

MariaHelFutura1994d ago

I think the author is confused on what innovation means.

dvewlsh1994d ago

Probably not, but hey.

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CaptCalvin1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

The problem is, a lot of devs don't know what innovation means. They think it just means being different and so a lot of times they put too much focus on comming up with a gameplay gimmick to differentiate themselves, giving little thought to whether or not it makes the game better/more fun

Kte1994d ago

What kind of bullshit post.... HELL NO they need to focus on the gameplay, Quality takes too much out of the game...example: Sonic Generations. Awesome game with shitty voice actors, and a short story. Why? cause it was made for 3D lol quality is good and all, but no point in that unless the story is top notch

SkullBlade1691994d ago

So if quality doesn't matter, a game with crap gameplay and crap story would be good enough for you then?

Kte1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

or you can re-read as it looks like you paid no attention what so ever. Let me repeat myself, QUALITY is good and all for the right games, but I speak for games without 3D as that is what makes the game shitty. gameplay and story focus are the main keys that they need to focus on especially in these times. Exampllee, Silent Hill, not too bad, in fact the game still had more suspense like the other SH titles. 3D....really? no matter how cool 3D is now and days, the game ends up sucking. It's rare to find a good quality game, aside from the recent ones that came out like FC3 and BO2.

Edit: If none of this makes sense, then read to IWentBrokeForGaming's post, he pretty much made it clear.

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