Dead or Alive 5 Plus headed to Vita this March

While the initial announcement made the rounds a few days ago, Tecmo Koei has given more details on Dead or Alive 5 Plus for PlayStation Vita. Scheduled to launch in March 2013, this version will naturally offer touch-based moves, in addition to new training modes and "a new display of advanced frame data that reveals twice the amount of information for each move compared to previous versions."

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KangarooSam1960d ago

Oh, look. MORE Vita games are being released, that's weird.

*looks at collection of three 3DS games*

I love my Vita <3

Side note for anyone reading this: I just finished Journey and I'm speechless, that was beautiful.

Skate-AK1960d ago

I'm playing Gravity Rush right now and people without a Vita are missing out.

KangarooSam1960d ago

Indeed. That's gonna be my next game after inFamous.

r211960d ago

So these are international release dates? If so, sweet :)

crinale1959d ago

It would be released at March 20th in Japan.
I don't know the international release date, though.

MasterCornholio1959d ago

Wait a minute is this a newely announced game for the Vita?

But i thought developers were abandoning it.


Im not a fan of the Dead or Alive games but its nice to see a new game for the Vita.

Protagonist1959d ago

Awesome, I would really love Persona 4 Arena for the PSVITA though.