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Submitted by Gekko 1157d ago | video

Feminist Game Critic On Her Online Attackers: They Cast Me ‘in the Role of the Villain’

The woman behind Feminist Frequency hasn't been shy about sharing stories of the harassment she's gotten while trying to create Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Anita Sarkeesian's goal of examining how women get portrayed in video games won her lots of enemies but, according to her, they thought of themselves as heroes.

In this TEDxWomen talk, Sarkeesian discusses how the harassment she's been weathering got framed as a game by her attackers, with her as the final boss. Getting her to end her efforts would be beating the game. Things didn't work out like that, though, and the furor wound up helping her more than it hurt. (Anita Sarkeesian, Culture)

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Neckbear   1157d ago | Immature | show
Jinkies  +   1157d ago
Jeez I hate Feminists...funny thing is you do something to treat them equal and it's "You can't do that I'm a girl"
stefaniecarter2   1157d ago | Spam
doogiebear  +   1157d ago
Bubbles for u
ShaunCameron  +   1157d ago
Kudos. To simply put it, feminism is not about gender equality. How can there be gender equality when men and women were never equal? Feminism is about reverse discrimination rooted in envy, resentment and petty grievances. It follows the philosophy of affirmative action and wealth redistribution. Take from one and give to the other under the pretense of social justice. In feminism it's handicap the man and empower the woman.

Feminists don't want equality. They just wanna rig the playing field so that they benefit and men suffer. The truth is women cannot compete with men on a truly equal playing field.

Now as far as this feminist game critic goes, she's just being typical. Portraying herself as an "innocent victim" so some white knights and simps will come and defend her hoping to score brownie points. Because as per usual, it's everybody except the woman's fault even if she was the author of her own distress.
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Jaybronee  +   1157d ago
You sir...have above average intelligence. Bubbles....
rezzah  +   1156d ago
Not all feminists are females.

Besides what it is all about, what most do not see, is oppression.
iamnsuperman  +   1157d ago
Eh....I was with you for about half of it until you said men wanted gaming to be a boys club. Then your talking about an informal reward system? what are you talking about. I think, like many, you have read way to much into a hate campaign against you. The internet is the internet. Where both male and female can abuse other users because their responsibility is diffused by the fact its anonymous and their name isn't is associated with their comments. Some males don't agree with you, some like to troll. Its the internet not because they are trying to suppress women. I don't mind a reasonable argument on the over sexualisation of women in gaming(hey its needed) but what you have done it blown a minority and suggested its the majority of gamers and also created some very weak links in what happened to you.
SolidSystem  +   1157d ago
Agreed, I have more problems with some of her arguments, assumptions, and her stereotype of men in gaming.

I find it rather amusing someone fighting for "Equality for Women" is so quick to put all men in the same bucket and generalize them as a gender.
InTheLab  +   1157d ago
Most of what she says is right on the money but some of it is taken a bit too far. Like how she jumped on Legos for catering to what they know is there primary demographic. Can the same be said of gaming?

But the real issue I have with her mission is that I do not like pick and choose activism. I believe it all falls under Civil Rights. I am not gay, but I am offended by gay jokes like the Mw2 fight for grenade spam ads. I am Black and I am offended by constant depictions of Blacks and minorities as the bad guys ex: blacks= thugs, gangsters, pimps, Hispanics= day labor, gangsters, etc..but...I simply do not possess the ability to see offense at everything I look at. I only reserve that for the worst offenders. I do sometimes wonder if she can't sit back and enjoy something, or does she see her work in everything?

Now, the other side of this is the fact that amongst the majority, there is an unwritten rule that states "If it does not affect ME, then YOU should stfu". That is how the majority of gamers feel and it is the reason why there is such a huge uproar whenever someone that is different brings up an issue that is meaningful to them, but not two f***s are given by the average white male age 15 to 35 that make up the bulk of gamers in the US.

edit: Those earrings of hers are a distration...had to point that out.
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SolidSystem  +   1157d ago
I started hating this woman after Her lego video.

honestly my only response was "if you feel legos are sexist.... then buy your daughter the fire fighter set. no one made you get the pink set."


isnt it also kinda sexist that boys didnt get a lego house or a place to cook? can men not also want to be chefs or do house work? Lego is trying to force being "manly" on boys instead of opening their minds. I mean, lego men eat too.... so how could lego city not have some where for them to eat?! (Her sort of logic works in reverse too)
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InTheLab  +   1157d ago
Her logic sort works in reverse...but on a personal note..

My wife bought my two boys a kitchen set and a shopping cart (amongst other things) for Xmas.

I just about

But then I thought more about it and realized how silly that is because I do all of the cooking in the house. So I built them a kitchen with no objection. But just because I'm a man and somewhat closed minded on such things, I bought them a nice grill set to go with that kitchen, and we'll be pushing each other around in that little shopping cart...hehe
SolidSystem  +   1157d ago
fair enough,

i'm just pointing out everything she points out as sexist against girls is also sexist against boys.

look at how men are portraid in the media, especially the white middle aged man (usually a loser moron). The cover of romance novels is a sex object man with his abs and hair.

I'm certainly nothing like Marcus Fenix from gears, and even Drake the "everyman" is glorified and gets all the ladies.

if shes really against sexism, shouldn't she attack it from all fronts?
ZombieKiller  +   1157d ago
Why D long face pussycat?! It people like this that make people like Borat a hero to me. Pull the stick out of your ass and live your life. More importantly, let others do the same. I don't care about your feminist group, PLEASE stay off of my gaming console. Yes, its for boys, yes there are pigs all over the internets, and YES WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE...and yes, I will say whatever it takes to keep you away.
cleft5  +   1157d ago
As a real man, I don't want you or those like you on my consoles. So speak for yourself because I assure you that you don't speak for most men.
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sdozzo  +   1157d ago
Easy with the minority blast. Wouldn't want people getting upset.
cleft5  +   1157d ago
To clear up a few misunderstandings for the commentators here, it is important to note that she is specifically talking about men who are sexist. She isn't saying that all male gamers behave in that fashion at all.

What I don't like about what she said, is the fact that she entertains this notion that these sexist moron consider defaming and harassing her to be a game. Regardless as to what those individuals think, what they are doing isn't a game and no one should treat it like it is or even entertain that notion.

When what happened to her was made public, a great number of men donated to her cause because most men don't want the sort of sexist treatment she received to be apart of the gaming community. Some day a lot of us male gamers will have daughters that they want to share gaming with, or they will have wifes, sisters, or mothers that they want to share gaming with.

Most of us men don't want this sort of behavior in gaming because it is these same people that give xbox live a bad name or any online platform for that matter. More to the point, they are cheaters and sore losers.

As a person who has been discriminated against and made to feel like nothing by others, I know how hard it must be her for to deal with this stuff daily. At the same rate, I really do feel she should be pointing out the fact that men want this unfair treatment of women to change as much, if not more, then women do. This isn't men versus women with men trying to keep a "boy's club" going, it's good people against a close minded group of morons. That's how the struggle should be represented because this change she is after will only happen if men and women work together.

Had it not been for white people we would still have slavery, but it was the strength of whites and blacks working together that changed the world. The role that whites played should never be diminished, the same way the role that men will play in this struggle against sexism should never be diminished.
SolidSystem  +   1157d ago
So she just wants to prove sexism exists? she doesnt need to look far for that.

However I think its beyond that, her attack on Legos baffled me and left me scratching my head. Sexism exists, but shes going about it wrong.
ZombieKiller  +   1157d ago
OK 'real man' but you fail to see my point. Ignorant people are all over the place, but the annonomous nature of the internet lets them come out of the wood work alot easier. there are all sorts of trashy people out there.... its the world we live in. Its something that you as a person need to accept. My real point however, is that where will this go? Eventually the game or the console will be blamed and it's yet another negative hit in the media against something we all know love and play. Do you really want them to censor things or tread lightly when they develop our games? Don't get me wrong, I think that this whole situation was blown way out of proportion and the poor girl was VERY mistreated, but thats the internet. The video she was going to make singles out video games. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Seriously. Male dominance and annononymaty combined against someone who calls themselves a feminist.... thats asking for the internet backlash. The problem with people like this and people like you is that you idiots are so naive to the existing evil in common man, that you do shit like this and it brings out not the worst IN people, but the WORST PEOPLE. Gamers this gen are a big group of over privledged crybabies (not ALL gamers), and you know it. yet the internet lets them have a voice a voice without a face. this sort of thing will only ever have yet another negative impact on gaming when realistically, it's not gamings fault. but make a bunch of kids annonomous, and they'll act like kids X10. learn to handle the internet by muting people in lobbies, by not asking to get flamed in stupid posts, and by not attacking a group of annonomous men/boys favorite thing to do and calling yourself a feminist at the same time. honestly, im glad nobody really did anything to her above the game. thats really asking for an ass whooping, im sorry but think about it. that is a stupid move on her part. alot of younger men will see that and not realize what she means, they read 'feminist' and 'poorly portayed women in video games' and automatically get offensive about it thinking that their games are under attack YET AGAIN by another group might I add. alot of immature kids game and if you are a gamer, you should know that....and if you have common sense, you should live and let live unless you want to get attacked by immature males. I dont care if you call yourself a real man, alot of people online are NOT real men, and despite whether you are or are not, a real man would know that there isnt anything we can do about the general annonomous population being assholes except not to feed the trolls and show our women how to ignore them. You're 'real man' skills don't mean dick on the internet tough guy.
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MarauderShields  +   1157d ago
My paragraph senses are tingling
sdozzo  +   1157d ago
Don't know about you, but I would.
Loki86  +   1157d ago
The one guy in that audience is whipped so bad he was dragged to this so called conference.
JohnApocalypse  +   1157d ago
1:22 Oh Yeah, most men totally have bodies like Kratos, Jin, Marcus Fenix or Ryu Hayabusa
#9 (Edited 1157d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ZombieKiller  +   1157d ago
this just further proves my point, if Im not the rude asshole, then someone else is tenfold. People sayin shit like 'Go make me a sandwich'....they do it to get a rise outta people. If someone approaches a prodominantly male entertainment industry and comes out saying that theyre a feminist that doesnt like this, that or the other about games, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT?! Thats like goin into another country knowing they hate Americans and telling them what YOU think THEY should be doing with their land. Sorry cleft, you 'real man' you are not coming back from that trip despite how much of a real man the internets think you are. On top of things, I dont see any men getting their lil groups together to bitch about too many shirtless guys. I dont need to see mannipples in every fighting game I play. But I accept it for the way it is because whether or not Johnny Cage is showing his pecks or not, he's a damn good fighter in a damn good game. LIVE AND LET LIVE....and maybe they won't make a video game about you. HonestDragon says it the best down below my comment. She needs to approach it totally different. i, for one, agree with her opinion, I would like a stronger, less sexually objectified female character in my games rather than the stupid big titted sex tool that doesnt know which hole to stick her gun in. But I also know that there are alot of money hungry devs out there that know that sex sells and that the majority of gamers are horny teenage males. Thats approaching the games industry smart, unlike how she did it. Im just glad nothin worse happened to her, because that really was a stupid move on her part.
#9.1 (Edited 1157d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dee-ecks  +   1157d ago
Goofy bitch, go make me a sammich!!!
Dasteru  +   1157d ago
Goofy illiterate, go get an education.
dee-ecks  +   1157d ago
Also, does she realize what percent of gamers are chicks these days?
Enigma_2099  +   1157d ago
... why don't you just get some women developers together and start making more games for girls? And don't parade yourselves around like Ubisoft did with Jade Raymond. Balance out the field.
Jaybronee  +   1157d ago
Great idea. Open your own "women only" company...make politically correct games that nobody will buy and see how long your business stays solvent.
HonestDragon  +   1157d ago
While what happened to her was undeniably a horrible thing, Anita Sarkeesian needs to realize a few things.

One, because the internet is used to such great and untold lengths, the power of anonymity is unparalleled. People will use their computers and the internet to spread their opinion, whether it's for the sake of information or just for trolling. Immature gamers take advantage of such a thing and enjoy picking on people knowing that there won't be any repercussions. This is, unfortunately, how the internet is. Cyberbullying is a huge problem and one that cannot be controlled, nor can games that allow players to communicate with each other online. What is to be done? Have hundreds upon hundreds of moderators in every online game booting anyone who says the slightest racial/sexist/insulting thing? That's like saying that you will stop crime, but you can't because crime will always happen. You cannot stop someone saying racial/sexist/insulting things because it will always happen and it's because of the reinforcement of anonymity.

Two, there are a lot of male gamers out there who agree with her viewpoint on how women are portrayed in video games. I'm one of them. I think that in a time of when video games are being more cinematic and artistic women should have better characters. I wish she would have acknowledged more that not all male gamers are like those she endured because not all male gamers are like that. Not all male gamers are immature cavemen who rage online. Quite a lot of us are level headed.

Three, her accepting that some of those harassers calling their misogynistic and sexist remarks about her a "game" doesn't hold water. She is presenting it in a way that this is the mentality of the "boys only" male gamer. In actuality, it's not. This is the mentality of uncultured, immature bigots who have nothing better to do than to attack people online and be bullies. Women are not their only targets for their unreasonable hate or very dry humor. You will find that minorities, homosexuals, and people of various faiths are targets as well.

In short, she is not completely wrong for her opinions, but she needs to work on presentation. She also needs to understand that in the information age, people will take advantage of technology. People will use that anonymity to hurt others, to intimidate and bully, to troll and pester. This is just how things are nowadays.
Klonopin  +   1157d ago
A boy becomes a man, he is a man his entire life. But a woman is only sexy until she becomes your wife.

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