Feminist Game Critic On Her Online Attackers: They Cast Me ‘in the Role of the Villain’

The woman behind Feminist Frequency hasn't been shy about sharing stories of the harassment she's gotten while trying to create Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Anita Sarkeesian's goal of examining how women get portrayed in video games won her lots of enemies but, according to her, they thought of themselves as heroes.

In this TEDxWomen talk, Sarkeesian discusses how the harassment she's been weathering got framed as a game by her attackers, with her as the final boss. Getting her to end her efforts would be beating the game. Things didn't work out like that, though, and the furor wound up helping her more than it hurt.

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Jinkies1960d ago

Jeez I hate Feminists...funny thing is you do something to treat them equal and it's "You can't do that I'm a girl"

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ShaunCameron1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Kudos. To simply put it, feminism is not about gender equality. How can there be gender equality when men and women were never equal? Feminism is about reverse discrimination rooted in envy, resentment and petty grievances. It follows the philosophy of affirmative action and wealth redistribution. Take from one and give to the other under the pretense of social justice. In feminism it's handicap the man and empower the woman.

Feminists don't want equality. They just wanna rig the playing field so that they benefit and men suffer. The truth is women cannot compete with men on a truly equal playing field.

Now as far as this feminist game critic goes, she's just being typical. Portraying herself as an "innocent victim" so some white knights and simps will come and defend her hoping to score brownie points. Because as per usual, it's everybody except the woman's fault even if she was the author of her own distress.

Jaybronee1959d ago

You sir...have above average intelligence. Bubbles....

rezzah1958d ago

Not all feminists are females.

Besides what it is all about, what most do not see, is oppression.

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iamnsuperman1960d ago

Eh....I was with you for about half of it until you said men wanted gaming to be a boys club. Then your talking about an informal reward system? what are you talking about. I think, like many, you have read way to much into a hate campaign against you. The internet is the internet. Where both male and female can abuse other users because their responsibility is diffused by the fact its anonymous and their name isn't is associated with their comments. Some males don't agree with you, some like to troll. Its the internet not because they are trying to suppress women. I don't mind a reasonable argument on the over sexualisation of women in gaming(hey its needed) but what you have done it blown a minority and suggested its the majority of gamers and also created some very weak links in what happened to you.

SolidSystem1960d ago

Agreed, I have more problems with some of her arguments, assumptions, and her stereotype of men in gaming.

I find it rather amusing someone fighting for "Equality for Women" is so quick to put all men in the same bucket and generalize them as a gender.

InTheLab1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Most of what she says is right on the money but some of it is taken a bit too far. Like how she jumped on Legos for catering to what they know is there primary demographic. Can the same be said of gaming?

But the real issue I have with her mission is that I do not like pick and choose activism. I believe it all falls under Civil Rights. I am not gay, but I am offended by gay jokes like the Mw2 fight for grenade spam ads. I am Black and I am offended by constant depictions of Blacks and minorities as the bad guys ex: blacks= thugs, gangsters, pimps, Hispanics= day labor, gangsters, etc..but...I simply do not possess the ability to see offense at everything I look at. I only reserve that for the worst offenders. I do sometimes wonder if she can't sit back and enjoy something, or does she see her work in everything?

Now, the other side of this is the fact that amongst the majority, there is an unwritten rule that states "If it does not affect ME, then YOU should stfu". That is how the majority of gamers feel and it is the reason why there is such a huge uproar whenever someone that is different brings up an issue that is meaningful to them, but not two f***s are given by the average white male age 15 to 35 that make up the bulk of gamers in the US.

edit: Those earrings of hers are a distration...had to point that out.

SolidSystem1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I started hating this woman after Her lego video.

honestly my only response was "if you feel legos are sexist.... then buy your daughter the fire fighter set. no one made you get the pink set."


isnt it also kinda sexist that boys didnt get a lego house or a place to cook? can men not also want to be chefs or do house work? Lego is trying to force being "manly" on boys instead of opening their minds. I mean, lego men eat too.... so how could lego city not have some where for them to eat?! (Her sort of logic works in reverse too)

InTheLab1960d ago

Her logic sort works in reverse...but on a personal note..

My wife bought my two boys a kitchen set and a shopping cart (amongst other things) for Xmas.

I just about

But then I thought more about it and realized how silly that is because I do all of the cooking in the house. So I built them a kitchen with no objection. But just because I'm a man and somewhat closed minded on such things, I bought them a nice grill set to go with that kitchen, and we'll be pushing each other around in that little shopping cart...hehe

SolidSystem1960d ago

fair enough,

i'm just pointing out everything she points out as sexist against girls is also sexist against boys.

look at how men are portraid in the media, especially the white middle aged man (usually a loser moron). The cover of romance novels is a sex object man with his abs and hair.

I'm certainly nothing like Marcus Fenix from gears, and even Drake the "everyman" is glorified and gets all the ladies.

if shes really against sexism, shouldn't she attack it from all fronts?

ZombieKiller1960d ago

Why D long face pussycat?! It people like this that make people like Borat a hero to me. Pull the stick out of your ass and live your life. More importantly, let others do the same. I don't care about your feminist group, PLEASE stay off of my gaming console. Yes, its for boys, yes there are pigs all over the internets, and YES WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE...and yes, I will say whatever it takes to keep you away.

cleft51960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

As a real man, I don't want you or those like you on my consoles. So speak for yourself because I assure you that you don't speak for most men.

sdozzo1960d ago

Easy with the minority blast. Wouldn't want people getting upset.

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