Resident Evil 6 DLC worth the price?

A hands on impressions video taking a look at each of the 320 MSP modes in the Resident Evil 6 forthcoming DLC.

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badjournalism2026d ago

The game itself isn't worth the price. Why the hell would the DLC be?

CLOUD19832026d ago

LoL u took it from my mouth... :D

Jonmau52026d ago

This game is my guilty pleasure. Yes the story is utter rubbish but playing in co-op can be fun, albeit full of quick time events.

FarCryLover1822026d ago

I can definitely see this game being a guilty pleasure...... but only a $15 or less one

Jonmau52025d ago

it cost me nothing, I've borrowed it from my brother. Shame it cost him £25!

NYC_Gamer2026d ago

Resident Evil 6 the game isn't even worth buying

tigertron2026d ago

DLC for RE6? I think I'll pass, thanks.

deletingthis346753342026d ago

Can't remember the last time I purchased DLC for any game. Maybe about 3 years ago unless you count DLC included in GOTY editions which I buy occasionally. But this game? I don't even have it or want it and from what I've played it is a piece of shit, so no I don't think the DLC is worth buying.

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