1UP Previews: Viking: Battle For Asgard

1UP writes:

"Think of it as Thor of War," says Sega representative Steve Groll, describing the premise behind Viking: Battle for Asgard. On the screen is a hulking Viking named Skarin, with blonde hair pulled back in a taut pony tail, a broad sword in one hand, and a hatchet in the other -- both weapons dripping blood from hacking the surrounding enemies. Slash after slash, Skarin effortlessly advances through the thick enemy presence, cutting off heads, dismembering arms off torsos, and stomping skulls into the ground like Marcus Fenix of Gears of Wars.

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Rama262853835d ago

I'm keeping an eye on this game, I'm liking the looks of it. Here's hoping to some good reviews!

ParaDise_LosT3835d ago

Games keep on getting bloodier and more violent.....
I love it :)