1UP Previews: Echochrome

1UP writes:

"Echochrome requires a good hard look to wrap your head around the concept the first time you witness it: Created entirely out of black lines against an ultra-minimalist, stark white background, a figure reminiscent of a mannequin artist's model navigates interconnecting, M.C. Escher-like pathways as you rotate the camera. That last part is the key, too: The pathways don't interconnect unless viewed from the right angle. If you've ever seen one of those "how many prongs does this fork have?" illusions, you'll know what to expect; it doesn't quite make sense to your eyes as your brain does a perpetual double take, but it makes for a brilliantly unique starting point for a puzzle game."

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rofldings3711d ago

This is one of my must-have PSN games. :o