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Wii U Doom and Gloom: Perfectly Explained, Perfectly Unjustified

The atmosphere around the Wii U is a little skewed these days, no? (Wii U)

1upgamer99  +   840d ago
I love the Wii U, once again Nintendo has given us a new way to play. Some People say, "oh well its based on 7year old tech" that is completely false. It is new tech and developers have not even utilized all of Wii U's power. Also 7 years ago the gamepad would not have been possible. Games like Zombi U, Madden 13, Nintendoland, BOPS2, and others really show the potential of future gameplay. So many Nintendo people are bashing Nintendo, and they have not even tried the system, and I don't mean at a gamestop demo. I mean sat down and really experienced what the Wii U is all about. Nintendo has raised the bar for Internet integration. The gamepad is fluid and responsive. I will expect we will see by Feb when Gearbox releases Alien Colonial Marines A bigger gap in Graphics than PS3 and Xbox...This is one game I can not wait for. Here are links to what Gearbox says about the Gamepad and the graphics being better on Wii U.
Gamepad.... http://www.escapistmagazine...
Graphics.... http://www.computerandvideo...
Jinkies  +   840d ago
Gearbox arn't going to say something negative though are they when they have a game, more expensive on the Wii U they want to do well.

It's common sense.
1upgamer99  +   840d ago
So if they said the 360 version was going to be the best looking and playing what would you say? This game is coming out on all consoles plus PC, so what does if benefit Gearbox to basically lie about the Wii U version. Also when it comes out I am sure there Will be Video comparisons across all platforms, and we would see that they were not honest. If this were an exclusive, I could see them pushing it, and saying how great the controls are and such , but this is not exclusive. It makes no difference to them if I buy it for my PS3 or my Wii U. Also I bought BOPS2 for my PS3 rented the Wii U version shortly after to see how it played..The gampad makes that game KICK. Wish I had waited and picked up the Wii U version, but being a BOPS fan I did not.
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Jinkies  +   840d ago
As I said the Wii U version will be a little bit more expesnive since it's a new console, Gearbox currently don't have an audience yet on the Wii U unlike the 360/PS3 so it dosen't matter about those versions, what there bothered about is making sure they gain a bigger audience with Nintendo fans.

Bigger audience = More money

They are not going to bad mouth something they want to succeed, this would impact all future Gearbox games on the Wii U
Neonridr  +   840d ago
Jinkies, what I don't think you're understanding is, why would Gearbox go on record stating that the Wii U version will be the best looking and definitive console experience if that wasn't the case? If they were lying up their a$$es they wouldn't gain anything out of it in the end. Instead they would merely say that the Wii U experience will be exactly like the other platforms. Which is what Treyarch said about CoD or Ubisoft said about AC3.

That's like Frostbyte saying that the Wii U version is the better console version of Trine 2. Because the game is using higher resoulution textures, better lighting and effects that are more akin to the PC version instead of the 360 and PC versions. They weren't lying when they said that. They said that so that Wii U owners would feel proud about the version they were purchasing and know that they were getting the best version when it came to the home consoles.

Gearbox is doing exactly the same thing. They are stating that they believe the Wii U version will be the best, not the worst. They aren't saying anything bad about the 360 or PS3 versions of Aliens, but they aren't saying that the 360 or PS3 versions will look the best.
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Jinkies  +   840d ago
"Jinkies, what I don't think you're understanding is, why would Gearbox go on record stating that the Wii U version will be the best looking and definitive console experience if that wasn't the case"

Oh my god...really

Urm...I don't know to attract more sales, look at Reggie when he was on that news interview he stated that Black Ops 2 and other third party games looked better on the Wii U when they don't...


...so why did he lie....oh yeah because he wasn't going to tell the truth and make the product he's supposed to be advertising look bad.

It's all about money...come on guys...jeez
PopRocks359  +   839d ago

Your point makes no sense. Reggie works for Nintendo and therefor would only exclusively advocate for sales for Nintendo products. Gearbox is a THIRD PARTY developer.

Aliens is also being released on the 360, PS3 and PC if I'm not mistaken. If it was exclusive to Wii U your comment would have some merit. Why would Gearbox go out of their way to make the Wii U version in particular seem like the best console version if they plan on selling on four different platforms? They would gain just as much by saying that all versions are equal.

I think you're just unwilling to admit that a Wii U game could potentially look better than a 360/PS3 game.
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Thepcz  +   839d ago
lol heres the truth-
right out the gate wiiu is coming with PORTS of games that are pushing the ps3 and 360 to the max. the wiiu casually tosses these games around (on TWO screens) effortlessly.

these games were ported lazily and easily too wiiu (alien tech) in a matter of months.

that should tell you all you need to know about wiiu's potential.

in a few months you will see the wiiu humiliate ps3 and 360 graphically.

of course, 360 and ps3 owners will still say the graphics are last gen, despite the inevitable shower of gorgeous games that will come to wiiu that would be technically impossible on ps3/360.

its obvious what is going on here: ps3/360 fans who have had the luxury of having a laugh at the wii up 'till now, all of a sudden are in a position where their consoles are no longer cutting edge.

over night their consoles became obssolete-old hat. over night, NINTENDO fans could brag their console IS the most powerful on earth.

ps3 and 360 fans can't cope with that fact.
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PirateThom  +   839d ago
Yeah, great... it's slightly better than 6/7 year old hardware.
neogeo  +   839d ago
All the WiiU trolling in the world wont stop it selling like a beast. If only the fangirls knew that they have zero effect on sales.

It's about as effective as me trolling the iphone5 all day long. I could travel to every store and complain about it into I become blue in the face holding up picket sighs while I'm completed ignored by the public and look like foolish loser.
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bobacdigital  +   839d ago
I dont understand what people dont get about this ... COD was built for 3 platforms (360,PS4,and PC).. It wasnt built or even optimized for the Wii U ... The Wii U was still in development AND the dev kits werent even final until 3 to 4 months ago....The games arent properly programmed to use some of the new features in the hardware yet (other than the tablet)....

Did you expect Developers to spend day and night to reinvent their engine to run on another platform fully optimized with only 3 to 4 months time? The install base isnt even high enough to justify that kind of investment for most companies.

For what the Wii U is now it does a great job.. It runs all the ports that are out at the same quality if not slightly better with a good amount of FPS (some slowdowns) on two screens..

People need to chill out ... The Wii U in time will be a better system than the 360 and Ps3... But you need to wait until developers learn how to optimize their engines to take advantage of the new hardware in the Wii u...

Game engines aren't like cars where you have two cars with the same driver .. one with 500 HP and another with 600 HP and you just pour race gas in and go... it isnt that black and white... No one knew how to use Cell in the ps3 until late in its life cycle .. most games didnt look on par with the 360.. yet the ps3 should have smoked the xbox on paper...

Have some patience.. You are comparing the Wii U to systems that have software fully optimized for them late in their life cycle...
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neogeo  +   839d ago
Also PS3, PC and 360 have engines that rely on heavy CPU use to boost the GPU. The WiiU is the complete opposite, the GPGPU works the other way around so I'm simply amazed the WiiU can even run these ports so well. It shows a bright future. Take Mertoid built from the ground up and add Retros beautiful art and know how and OMG.

I bet the first in game videos of Metroid will come out and all the fanboys will cry fake and say it's CGI and no way it can be in game. Next the game will come out looking jaw dropping so then the fangirls will retreat back to saying that ps4 will be better. So all the while we will be having fun with great new games, people will continue to cry, flame and troll.
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millzy102  +   839d ago
people expect miracles these days, good games dont come by magic but time and money, two factors that hold the wii u down at the moment, i own a ps3 and wii u and had 360's in the past and i dont see wii u as a sub par last gen system. also cant wait for aliens wii u edition, my ps3 is in sleep mode untill lat of us come out, and yes last of us will probably look better than any game on wii u for a while as its taken 3 to 4 years to make and took sony 7 years to get games that good the ps3 didnt launch with games nowhere near that quality it took time. wait a year or 2 and we will start to see what wii u can do, on another note ps4 is rumoured to have a very similar set up, ati gpgpu on an ati apu, simalar to wii u mcm, 2 to 4 gig ram, bearing in mind game streeming is very demanding on ram so prob 4, 2 for system 2 for game streeming, psvita full connectivity unlike the half assed ps3 method, will be more powerful but by how much.
wiiulee  +   839d ago
nintendo really kept innovation and gaming moving so i understand holding them to a higher standard for that...but if you're just a hater that even if everything went perfect you would still hate then get a life...the wiiu is a great system and it just came out.....and its first generation games look as good as the 6th generation games from the current ps3 and xbox360 so what does that tell you about a year or two from now when developers get a hang on the system...miiverse is excellent, the gamepad is wonderful...just a great system and cant wait for tvii...and third parties seem to be on board and the system is selling well...but for some reason there is alot of hating going on...i guess the wii won last generation and childish fanboys are still pissed off....even reporters lying or just copying negative stories it seem.

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