Another Day in Games Journalism: OXM’s Magic Fingers, The PS4′s Totally Confirmed Contacts

Sigh, here we go again.

Contrary to what my recent spate of aggressive anti-crappy gaming website posts might suggest, I’m not a particular fan of airing dirty laundry. It’s embarrassing for the industry that it even needs to be mentioned, and it clutters up PSLS with articles like this when I’d rather be bringing you news. But it’s necessary if games journalism ever wants to improve.

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ftwrthtx1990d ago

Isn't that plagiarism at some level by OXM?

doctorstrange1990d ago

Nope, as long as they technically don't copy the wording they can claim that they also found the same scoop, just 7 hours after

nukeitall1990d ago


I didn't read the OXM article, but for all we know it could be a co-incidence. OXM is a huge publishing house after all.

doctorstrange1990d ago


As the writer of the original scoop, I can say there was no way in hell it was a co-incidence. It's not a time-sensitive scoop. The data was on the internet for months, I dug it up and then hours later they use the *2* separate sources that I found, choosing the same quotes and more.

nukeitall1990d ago


You as the author of the article, has no bias at all....

Even though the chances are small, co-incidences do happen. The chance of people winning the lottery is damn small, but people do.

Perhaps you should go buy a lottery ticket! =)

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dbjj120881990d ago

I think it happens all the time. There are also plenty of bot sites that just repost stuff.

doctorstrange1990d ago

Bots a bots, these are paid journalists

bunt-custardly1990d ago

I don't think it's plagiarism, but as the article states there should be some acknowledgement given to the source. This is the Internet, where stories get passed around and regurgitated all the time. However, with any publication worth its salt, some common courtesy should be employed at all times.

Agheil1990d ago

here I thought I was lazy trying to study for these finals but come on OXM really?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1990d ago

can't wait for Playstation Orbis..

Obnoxious_Informer1990d ago

This is ridiculous, it paints all gaming journalists in an unprofessional light. Really sickening.