Eurogamer: More exclusive Army of Two gameplay

Eurogamer have more exclusive gameplay footage of them playing Army of Two. Enjoy.

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mariusmal3652d ago

i'm still waiting for the reviews on this one. but i'm following it very closely. i'm very interested on this game.

ps - the back to back looks great :D

Hellsvacancy3652d ago

Same as that, it may sound really daft but do u/any1 think the game sounds really quite, it sounds like they r shootin each other with potato guns, MAKE GUN SHOTS LOUDER (same goes for kane&lynch)

beavis4play3652d ago

i like the ability to head-butt. the rest seems kind of standard fare. i don't like the death animations and the guns don't sound right. overall, this is a rent for me.

Mwaan3652d ago

The more I think that it should've been a guy and a girl.