IGN-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Video Preview

IGN:We've played the new Sly Cooper from the very beginning. Want to see how it stacks up?

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Mikey322301777d ago

Looks great. I'm actually thrilled to hear they kept the
"classic style" of the old series, i wish most games would do that when we move from generation to generation. However, there always needs to be a number of new features and implementations so it doesn't feel like playing the same thing over and over.

NewMonday1777d ago

caught me off guard with the chemo therapy, it is not easy having cancer and still trying to sound exited about games, and he is still so young, wish him well

grailly1777d ago

I think he just announced the other day that he beat cancer "for now".

NewMonday1777d ago

that is great, hope he stays healthy

tigertron1777d ago

I wish Amazon UK would hurry up and list this for pre-order, same with Gears Judgment...

prototypeknuckles1777d ago

feburary cant come fast enough