Why The Hell Does The Wii U Need Google Maps?

Cheat Code Central writes: "Listen, I'm fine with people using their consoles like computers. After all, we keep them stocked with apps and utilities just like any of our other computing devices. But I'm not exactly sure why Nintendo and Google have teamed up to bring Google Maps to the Wii U."

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SandWitch1962d ago

Really good question indeed

guitarded771962d ago

I'd rather have a trophy/achievement system.

guitarded771962d ago

Well, I was sick of just talking about wanting a Wii U accomplishment system, so I made an e-mail petition... please sign it... it will auto e-mail Nintendo asking for an accomplishment system. If we desire it more than Google maps, we should at least ask for it.

mamotte1962d ago

"The more, the better"

mcstorm1962d ago

I agree. Why dose the ps3 xbox or wiiu need a browser? They dont but its an option for people to use the same as maps netflix music and more.

LightofDarkness1962d ago


But seriously, because it's an app, a trendy word, a very common app at that, and management types use buzzwords more than sense while they make decisions. At least most of them do.

JoshEngen1962d ago

But could it mean that Google has something else up their sleeve?

krazykombatant1962d ago

Ummm maybe the family is looking to go out, so whilst you play, you stop for a sec, and see places to go to and how to get there..... Like come on guys, thats like saying "ohh why is there a web browser on the WiiU." why the hell not?? Yeah you can use your computer but this is another means of access.

zebramocha1962d ago

I think the complaints stem from the wiiu being a home console so a feature like this doesn't make sense because the game pad is not a portable.

krazykombatant1962d ago

how is it not a portable??? you can go from room to room can you not??? It's more portable than the other consoles.

RuperttheBear1962d ago

I use Google maps at home from time to time to get a rough idea of a route I need to take, just to see what motorways I'll be needing to use. So it does come in handy.

SandWitch1961d ago

Do you use maps to tavel from room to room?

sreiches1962d ago

If I'm going out, I'm doing Google Maps on a smartphone or tablet because I want to have the directions and map with me (preferably one with 3G). Having it on the TV or gamepad seems a tad silly.

neogeo1962d ago

Because it does tun by turn directions in a Van or RV home?

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The story is too old to be commented.