Spike VGAs: Every game announcement and rumour analysed | CVG

Last of Us, Castlevania and maybe next-gen - everything you should expect from Friday's show...

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majiebeast1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

-Cliffy B and Geoff Keighley announce their Dorritos and Mountain dew game you heard it here first.
-Journey wins in all categories its nominated in.
-Last of us steals the show again.

Sarobi1574d ago

- Gabe Newell comes out to announce that Half Life 3 has be delayed again

Kinger89381574d ago

Doesnt a game need a release date before hand to get delayed ?

Anything on this game tho would be most welcome!

Qrphe1574d ago

-it's announced that the Doritos720 will be coming out Christmas 2013

Sykoticz1574d ago

Dorritos and Mountain dew game.......Sounds......Messy I'm in.

blue_flowers1574d ago

i definitely agree with the prediction of a dragon age 3 or battlefield 4 teaser trailer, or hint of either ms's or sony's new console.

DeadlyFire1573d ago

Any next gen super teaser would impress me.

Watchdogs, Star Wars 1313, Whore of Orient, BF4, Destiny, or any other next-gen title coming in 2013/2014 would definitely impress.

Respawn and Bungie have yet to show off a debut trailer for their new game titles.