It's A 3 Console Generation, Get Over It

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "For those of you who somehow think that there will be a single victor this console generation, think again. Like the days of the SNES and Sega Genesis, we have not only 2, but 3 video game consoles that will fight this generation to a stalemate"

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Genki3744d ago

the only ones perpetuating this tripe about a single console generation are all of your sensationalist contemporaries in the gaming media.

How about mass mailing your editorial to them instead of posting on a blog next time, as if it's the publics fault(not that the sheep within that group wear halos).

Silellak3744d ago

Seriously. I mean yeah, all the sides have their fanboys, but the ones who keep fueling the fires are the gaming media. Last year it was "PS3 IS A FAILURE, 360 TRIUMPHANT" this year it's "THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE PS3. 360 IS RUNNING OUT OF STEAM" and both years "WII - SELLING WELL BUT WILL IT LAST?"

Controversy breeds interest. They post those sorts of stories to get hits, nothing more. And sadly, many people eat it right up and then go to Generic Gaming Site to fight passionately for their Console of Choice not realizing that the company behind that console just views them as a Giant Walking, Talking Wallet.


The Human races has always been known to pick sides , so this is not anything different .

Fishy Fingers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Genki, fantastic comment mate! your profile states your Asian yet your English is better than mine... and im English!!

got room for another bubble there....?

Oh and im not a fan of the Wii but it looks sexy in black huh!

gEnKiE3743d ago

I got on here to say the same thing. Totally agree with ya...

Gina-get-u3743d ago


It's not exactly a need to pick sides but, more accurately, a need to "self-identify." Humans are social animals and have a clannish tendency to define themselves according to the groups to which they belong. It comes from a primitive urge left over from when we were still apes, similar to the pack instinct you see in wolves and some dogs. It's not necessarily a bad thing. At its most advanced state of evolution it gives rise to family ties, the sense of civic duty and patriotism. But in its most primitive manifestation it can breed racism, intolerance and irrational hostility to anybody perceived as "different" or outside the defining group.

The key to channeling this instinct constructively is to identify yourself within a group that is essential to your existence and devoted to a meaningful and noble purpose (i.e. family, community, employer, country, etc.). A game console is not one of those things. You can prefer one console over another, but don't make it personal. Doing that is just shallow and utterly stupid.

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Time_Is_On_My_Side3744d ago

If you're cheering for a side wouldn't that make the competition even greater? This article was pointless stating that cheering for a side ruins competition when in actual reality it makes it interesting. Torrence Davis is a weird guy thinking that when he's most likely an adult.

Vizion263744d ago

Yeah, nevermind the Wii is outselling the 360 and PS3 combined consistently every month.

gEnKiE3743d ago

The Wii is in a race all its own. Is anyone still counting it? I think this is a fight between PS3 and 360 now.

wiizy3744d ago

i doubt the stalemate comment.. its clear that wii will be #1

thisguywithhair3743d ago

There will always be a stalemate as there will always be competition. There has never been one clear winner in any console war as there has always been another console to compete with. Nintendo/Sega, Nintendo/Sony, now it is Sony/Nintendo/MS. There is no difference, just more and more players with better and better technology.

Tempist3744d ago

As the zen master in the little town said; "We'll see."

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