Far Cry 3 Is The Most Optimized PC Game Of 2012 - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Now this is how you develop a PC version of a multi-platform title. Far Cry 3 PC is the definition of what developers can achieve when they’re taking advantage of the PC. Not only does the game look fabulous, it also scales incredibly on four cores and showcases the huge difference between a game that is optimized for dual-cores and one that is optimized for quad-cores. It’s ironic - given the fact that this is a Ubisoft title - but Far Cry 3 is the most optimized PC game of 2012 and you can read below the reasons why we consider it this good."

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Cobain191997d ago

glad to see developers start taking advantage of more than two cores.

x8001997d ago

yes it is well optimized for the PC.

john21997d ago

if you're using an Nvidia card, upgrade to 310.70. They fixed the stuttering with these drivers

Kennytaur1997d ago

But it's by Ubisoft.... :-P

DeadlyFire1997d ago

I agree. Wtf? Ubisoft? Most optimized? 2012... Mayans have to get everything right don't they. I have never seen Ubisoft release an optimized PC game that I played at launch. Now everyone else is messing up and they do it right. Somethings just not right here.

pr0digyZA1997d ago

I find dx9 works well with this game, but as soon as you put it on dx11 the game has huge drops especially when there is virtually no visual difference for what you get. I think sleeping dogs for me is the most optimized of the year.

DeadlyFire1997d ago

Ok that sounds more like it

RyuX191997d ago

You are definitely telling the truth there. Also PostFX is very taxing on Ultra, and what sucks about that is that is that you have to have it at least on very high for motion blur. People are now figuring out ways to have motion blur without PostFX.

pr0digyZA1997d ago

Do you know what post fx even does?
To me, it looks like motion blur and some fxaa, but it shouldn't cause such a performance drop. If I tone that down to medium I see an increase in 10fps.

Rubberlegs1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Well what your trying run this on? I have no problem maxing this out on Ultra with DX11. The main thing that DX11 is doing is giving you tessellation.

The post FX from I've read as to do with the depth field and motion blur. The link below talks about it and shows what it does if disable you it from the config file.

x8001997d ago

agreed sleeping dogs was optimized too.

RyuX191997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I think that's all Post FX does really. Kinda dumb of them to put those two things on the same setting. Also just thought of something. Wouldn't Max Payne 3 be the best optimized PC game? That game ran flawlessly on many systems and looked great.

pr0digyZA1997d ago

True that was also really well done (especially after GTA4). Overall it definitely seemed like a better year for PC gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.