Red Faction: Guerilla Announced

Not exactly a secret after its most recent financial conference call, THQ today officially announced the development of Red Faction: Guerilla.

The third game in the series will be a third-person open-world one, a departure from the first person perspective used in the first two games. Set fifty years after the events of the first Red Faction, Guerilla has you playing as an insurgent fighting against the oppressive Earth Defense Force, destroying everything in your path as you make your way across Mars.

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i Shank u3770d ago

ohhhhh.....damn i want to be excited but it hasnt happened yet. Red Faction 3 being a 3rd person open world game = huh?

Panthers3770d ago

3rd person > 1st person. I loved Red Faction. This game will hopefully be fun as well. They HAVE to have destructible environments.

iNcRiMiNaTi3770d ago

i remember the 1st red faction and how i could drill holes in the wall with a rocket launcher, some times even long enough to get stuck and not be able to jump back out.

a 3rd person open world game where i can blow up anything i want and do anything, sounds fun. but isnt fracture something like the original red faction?

killinet2473770d ago

Yeah dude, I can remember spending time making a tunnel using the rocket launcher in the second one. That was so much fun.

Grassroots3770d ago

I really enjoyed the first two Red Faction, and while I enjoy third person shooters more, I'm disappointed about the switch to third... oh well Ill buy it anyways.

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