How To Get the Most Out of Hitman Absolution's Contracts Mode

Prima Games has some tips to help you get through this awesome new multiplayer mode.

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Hellsvacancy1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Why though, its pretty boring, playing the same levels youve already played in the campaign

Most of the Contracts I played where stupid, I made a "good" one, McNab Takes a Nap, I even filled the description box (which people dont bother with)

The Multiplayer could of been sooo much better, as ever though, gamers know how to make good games, theses developers on the other hand......

Cam9771931d ago

I really can't wait to get this, I love Hitman games!

Fil1011931d ago

I kinda agree with what you are saying but to be fair hitman was never about being an online game and as for the story I love it and the missions.