Developers Of These Free Games Aren’t Looking for Quick, Easy Cash There is an emerging faction of games that offer genuine quality content with the option of paying if you want to, but not using subtle underhanded tactics to loosen your purse strings.

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yoshiroaka1961d ago

Good stuff! I wouldnt mind trying an MMO on my vita.

Wish Phantasy star could come to the US :/

NexGen1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

It is, and a special vita version as well. Sometime in januaryish? I forget the date, but soon.

Edit: the US vita version is not launching then, but later.

Stephen55431961d ago

Any chance I could ask for a link? I couldn't find anything about an American release, but maybe that's just me.

NexGen1961d ago

Heck, I'm pretty sure it's from Sega's official forums, the pso2 section, and more at pso whatever the url's are.

yoshiroaka1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Thanks for the update man.

Im so used to those jrpgs and stuff never leaving japan i just assumed this one followed the norm. If you google NA release you will find the info.

Good to know!

SirBradders1961d ago for the non Japanese site and for info on all current events content adding etc... Go to nline-2/

I've played the beta from the beginning and it is a great mmo, fast fluid gameplay completely overhauled compared to last phantasy stars. The amount of content that has been added since the beginning of the open beta is ridicule.

I seriously recommend this game if your looking for a free, NON pay to win fun action, RPG, adventure, mmo with unlimited customisation, huge scale bosses, huge variety in weapon and class customisation and that's just the start.

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