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With so much hype over Snake's upcoming -- and supposedly final -- adventure in Metal Gear Solid 4, it's easy to overlook its sister title, Metal Gear Online. Developed with the same engine that will be featured in MGS4, MGO takes the spirit that has made Metal Gear Solid a best-selling franchise and places it in an online multiplayer experience.

Metal Gear Online is, simply, Metal Gear online. That's not a bad thing, though, because fans of the series will be able to duke it out against one another in the classic multiplayer formats you'd expect to see in other online shooters such as Rainbow Six Vegas, Gears of War, and Team Fortress 2. MGO is a third-person online shooter, but brings the best parts of the Metal Gear universe along for the ride.

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THC CELL3749d ago

Day one babe woo

lets see how the vg charts go on this one for ps3

Qbanboi3749d ago

This game is gona be so big. Man, i can't way. There are people who are just waiting for this game to buy themseft a Ps3; i know 2 friends. I only hope they deliver all the hype. I don't want another Liar.

liquidsnake3749d ago

If you've played any other MGS game, you'd allready know that this game WILL deliver.

bigjclassic3749d ago

dosent MGS4 and MGO come in the same package??
And if so I can get in some DM while taking little breaks from the main game.

This game needs to come out.

Gamingshouldbefun3749d ago

yes they come in same package.

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