20° Live Tickets Go On Sale

Tickets for the first Live show at Wembley Stadium went on sale today at 9 a.m. The event will also have every major video games company showcasing their latest 2008 games including Sega, Electronic Arts (EA), Activision, Microsoft, THQ and Ubisoft to name a few...

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Rama262853774d ago

I've already ordered my VIP ticket. Wonder what the difference is between the VIP and these normal tickets? They really need to make a website or something for this to give us some information. We know what companies are planning to show up, but don't know anything else about it!

resistance1003774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Same i got my VIP ticket along time ago. Heres hoping for banjo 3 in playable form ^_^

Edit - I notice the VIP tickets are sold out, now so im hoping its something worthwhile

Mr_cheese3774d ago

will this be like a games convention where developers go as well or not? and do you know if it is only in london cause i want it a bit closer to home (birmingham) i would go if it was closer

resistance1003774d ago

Its at wembley stadium (which you can get direct to from a train from Birmingham).

Also i hope we get to meet some dev's as part of the VIP ticket deals.

Also heres hoping Free Radical will be there with HAZE