League of Legends makes us mad: A sort-of interview writes “League of Legends has become well known for at least two things: proving the power of the free-to-play model in the West, and a "vicious player community.” I interviewed some of the South African LoL community in an attempt discover why we can't all just get along. Also, it includes the greatest rage video I've ever seen.

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Choc_Salties1966d ago

Loved that video at the end, that was a vicious p**sklap and a half!

PandaMcBearface1966d ago

I actually didn't know whether laughing was completely ethical, but still rofled anyway XD

DesVader1966d ago

ROFL on that video!!! Wahahaha

DesVader1966d ago

This quote is also priceless: "...playing LoL feels like being in a prison knife fight except for the fact that you are attached to 4 drooling morons for the duration."

JsonHenry1966d ago

Come to Dota 2. We will welcome you with the same idiots. But a better game.

PandaMcBearface1966d ago

I'm going to start playing soon. Not sure if frightened or excited though.

JsonHenry1965d ago

It is a fun game. I like LoL but I much prefer Dota 2. I am guessing so you will as well.

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