A Far Cry From Racism

Rock, Paper, Shotgun thinks that the recently released Far Cry 3 is racist. That’s a hugely powerful accusation, with a lot of heavy implications. Despite a lot of commenters voicing their disagreement with the statement, other publications have steered clear of addressing the issue, presumably because nobody wants to write an article that could be misconstrued as being ‘in defense of racism’. Well, here goes…

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jony_dols1967d ago

No one seems to give a shit about racism when it's lazy stereotypes of drunken Russians or thieving Irish; because they're white.

They only seem to cry foul when it's a non-caucasian, bunch of hypocrites.

Griffin48711967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

High five, bro.

muttonface1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Racism is racism agreed.

But when you show a stereotype with a black person it is associated with the rest of black people more so.The reason is because unlike white people black people (or other minorities) are not given the media representation to be seen nearly as multifaceted people as whites.

In particularly because of the fact that America is by far the central place for media representations to the world.

In other words, stereotypes against other skin colors is much more damaging that those against whites.

rogimusprime1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@muttonface -

Smartest thing I have ever read on N4G. Bubble for you.

There is a reason you are getting disagrees..... but it's not because you are incorrect.

Eyeco1967d ago

Agreed, I do somewhat agree with jony_dols but the difference is stereotypes of a black person is usually a blanket term for an ENITRE race not nation, the stereotypes he listed are more nationalistic if you like.

you can't take the drunken Irish stereotype and associate it with every single white person because like muttonface said it's not as damaging

yesmynameissumo1967d ago

What's the ratio of white stereotypes vs non white? White protagonists vs non white? There's a reason people cry foul.

kB01967d ago

Yeah it's getting a little ridiculous that movies can do as they please, yet video games get so much bad credit.

I honestly NEVER notice any of the racism in any of the games that so called were "racist", well with exception to some games that are INTENTIONALLY made to hurt society.

Rock, Paper, racism just wanted hits, kudos to PSLS to catching that and calling them out on it.

I honestly never felt one drop of racism or any insult to ones culture.

If anything, it brings white and the races of the island together to stop pirates and terrorist groups...

I dunno I'm not too far in the game:P

Somebody1967d ago

Racism exists and ugly but in it's becoming a tiring topic nowadays, especially in gaming. Slam Far Cry 3 for having a helpless native tribe that needed a white man to save them but praise Avatar even though it's also about a native tribe needed a white man to save them.

What about Sleeping Dogs? There's a lot Chinese in that game with a white guy controlling the main character. That should be considered racist, too.

Mass Effect series needed a human being to save the whole universe even though we're among the youngest members. There's a lot of the other aliens that are far older and much more technologically advanced that us and yet it took a human being to discover the universe annihilating event through mere interrogations and exploring barren planets with a M35 that's prone to tumbling around. Not only that Earth became a powerful space military force in mere decades while other younger alien civilization just sat on their asses selling space drugs.

BioDio1967d ago

If "we're all the same" how can there be racism?! (It's a contradiction)
I think people think too much on the word... for me? I don't have fucks to give to racism... I just ignore it...

KING851967d ago

The thing about "ignoring" it is that it really does nothing to rectify the situation. I'm not suggesting there is racism in this game, but I am referring to the topic in general. I gather that goes for anything in life.

SeanScythe1967d ago

I'm not racist I just hate everyone

MEsoJD1967d ago

The game has a lot of generalizations, but nothing really distracting. The only thing that stood out is that, the generic white protagonist really stands out in this game, but in a bad way(it's kind of boring). Though I get that he's suppose to be someone tired of their redundant life.

SAE1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

The idea of the game in religion is forbidden if you get effected because it courage to do bad things to survive or being strong or kool to achieve a good thing , actually its all of them lol , so i wont be surprised if i see racism, you can't fix bad things by doing a bad thing ...

But its just a game , if you have a clean mind you would benifit from it by avoiding what the character do in the game , its not kool in reality to do bad things , its just sickness in your mind , just enjoy it as a game just like the movies , they are.not like real life , so be smart and not blind by getting effected , im having fun playing it , vaas character is soooo funny xD , it reminds me of the loyalist in my country , latest crazy talk from one of them :

He have a certification of a doctor level but he didnt even complete high school lol , suddenly he put a video showing him talking about the acts of the protesters in the negative side , he talk about the paiting in walls and closing streets and say this is terrorists acts lol , and then he says "" You see you see!!! police ( mercenaries ) dont kill people , its people who kill people "" , lol , money makes people blind ....

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